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“In its opposition to the current coronavirus policy settings, Advance New Zealand rejects majority public opinion in favour of a defence of individual freedoms, fatally undermining its populist democratic credentials. This is an approach like that of the European radical right parties that border on fascism and are often described as ‘populist’. Their unsteady campaign communication has probably confused voters more than it has benefited ACT.”, As mentioned in last week’s post , the minor parties engage more in the spreading of misinformation than the major parties, says Professor Vowles. Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Wellington Faculties of Humanities and Social Science and Education Professor Jennifer Windsor talks to Professor Jack Vowles and Dr Mona Krewel about the New Zealand Social Media Study. Especially in a multi-party system where voters have a lot of options, you need to ensure they not only know for whom not to vote but also where to make their tick.”, Dr Krewel notes that of the small parties in Parliament ACT has gone through much more of a roller-coaster of positive and negative campaigning over the course of the campaign than other parties. How are politicians using social media to target, inform, interact with, mobilise and pursue voters in New Zealand’s 2020 general election? The usual disagreements and accusations between political actors were not coded as fake news here. A 45-year-old Sydney man has been charged for allegedly importing approximately 144 kilograms of cocaine…, 50th Ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear WeaponsLabor welcomes the 50th nation…, From turtle protection and feral pig control in Cape York, to cleaning up beaches across…, UNSW Art & Design researchers will present an experimental history at the Know My Name…, The Royal Australian Navy and Republic of Singapore Air Force have proven their ability to…, Victorian businesses are shattered today after the Victorian Government left restrictions unchanged across metropolitan Melbourne…, /Public Release. On Saturday, December 12, 2020, a by-election will be held to fill one (1) vacancy for the office of Councillor in the City of Victoria. Election 2020: Key social media trends How are politicians using social media to target, inform, interact with, mobilise and pursue voters in New Zealand’s 2020 general election? “The New Zealand Public Party in particular campaigns against a global elite they claim has hidden objectives that lie behind governments’ responses to the coronavirus. All trademarks and rights are owned by their respective owners. You have to stick to the prearranged script or ideas you want to communicate and repeat those messages persistently: for example, the decision to run an attack campaign rather than emphasising your own advantages. The following information is provided for the 2020 municipal by-election. There is an overlap in who posts misinformation. You can attack your political opponents during the campaign, but on the ballot paper voters need to vote for you, not against the target of your negative messaging. View in full. The Times Colonist. This tendency could be derived from the overall impression of the statements, pictures and emotions included in the post. things that were not completely accurate. Last day to Register to Vote – October 5, 2020 Last day to Apply for a ballot by mail – Friday, October 23, 2020 Early Voting is Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - Friday, October 30, 2020 Negative campaigning criticises socially relevant topics, uses stereotypical traits, highlights shortcomings as well as criticises and attacks qualities and behaviour of parties, politicians and related issues. 2020 B.C. “This does not speak for a very coherent campaign strategy,” she says. “The major parties are focusing their campaigns on the economy, because more voters tend to identify the economy as important,” says Professor Vowles. But ACT has changed its messaging erratically from positive to negative campaigning back and forth over the entire campaign.”, David Seymour might have won the multi-leader debate according to Vote Compass respondents, she says, “but his party most likely has not won the Facebook campaign battle. However, they will surely use this as an opportunity to make a point against the global elites and the media trying to silence them, claiming to be the last party that is telling people the truth.”, Professor Vowles notes that some commentators and political scientists describe such tactics and appeals as ‘populist’. It is the same ‘usual suspects’. Besides that, they have declared themselves an anti-corruption party—despite one of their leaders being investigated for corruption himself. If Advance New Zealand were a true populist party, we might expect them to be attracting more votes.”, For most of the campaign, like the major parties, the minor parties have been communicating with much more positive than negative language and their campaigns have become more positive over the course of the campaign, says Dr Krewel. They post much less fake news and half-truths than their parties. Indeed, nearly 10 per cent of Advance New Zealand—and also the New Conservatives—used a communication strategy of generalised elite criticism that is often labelled as populist. This sample has then been coded by five human coders on the basis of CamforS/DigiWorld’s codebook. Information for Voters The following information is for voters in the 2020 municipal by-election. Such criticism is an obvious strategy for parties that have never been in power and therefore can campaign against the ‘establishment’ in general.”. “Or as campaigners say: you have to stay ‘on message’ in a campaign. The leaders of the smaller parties in the 2020 New Zealand general election faced off in last week’s minor parties’ debate on TV. The positi on became vacant when Laurel Collins resigned from Victoria City Council in November 2019 following her election to the House of Commons as Member of Parliament for Victoria. They are simply emphasising their main strength in their social media communication. In case of doubt, coders were asked to take a conservative approach and code the absence of fake news. It is simply not as much.”, For Dr Krewel, this bears some resemblance to the findings of research on negative campaigning in television advertisements in the United States: “Some of the most negative TV advertisements in the US tend to come from third-party actors, such as the so-called PACs (political action committees). From midday Tuesday 22 September to 6pm Saturday 24 October we must follow important government rules. Most New Zealanders continue to support a policy of collective action to protect society from the coronavirus, a preference far more consistent with the norms of democratic populism. If a coder assumed a post could include fake news, but was not fully sure, they were asked to do some fact-checking and visit news websites of reliable sources to see if something had already been identified as fake news. The parties covered are Labour, National, the Greens, New Zealand First, ACT, The Opportunities Party (TOP), the Māori Party, the New Conservatives, and Advance New Zealand, as well as their leaders. The decisive factor for coding was the impression about the valence of the statements, pictures and emotions an average reader would get after looking at the post. But how well are the campaigns of the minor parties and their leaders going on social media? From midday Tuesday 22 September to 6pm Saturday 24 October we must follow important government rules. A post contained positive campaigning when it included positive statements, pictures and emotions of a supporting, encouraging, affirmative, beneficial or assertive nature and presented the advantages of a party’s own candidate, their goals and competencies. We will also continue to provide updates on urgent issues such those relating to the coronavirus restrictions. The services and programs we provide as a Council are not affected, and will continue as normal. Harjit S. Sajjan, participates in NATO Defence Ministers’ Meeting, Town of Newman pauses to remember police officers killed in plane crash, Water Awards recognise top water industry performers for 2020, New campaign to prevent alcohol-related cancer, Canada appoints Federal Special Representative to facilitate discussions between commercial lobster industry, Cromarty south east of Townsville – bushfire, Man arrested, 144 kilograms of cocaine in hydraulic rams seized, $28 million to support jobs and protect Queensland’s environment, Re-visioning opening night of a national art museum, Australia and Singapore enhance joint interoperability, Businesses are shattered as restrictions left unchanged for Melbourne, Research shows Indigenous Australians more likely to suffer from emotional distress, Joint agency taskforce expands to target crime at border, Calling for urgent reform: Why self-care should be at forefront of health policy, Ceres Tag adds CSIRO cattle behaviour and pasture feed intake monitoring capabilities, Works commence on Exhibition Street bike lanes, 50 most influential financial advisers in Australia named, Six steps for digital self-defence during Australian Cyber Week, Telehealth not always cheaper but worth it, Tasmania leads way again in State of States CommSec Report, Astronomers enlist AI in search for ‘lethal’ baby star eruptions, Threat based scams targeting young people and Chinese community, Scientists at risk; we need to celebrate their work more, Tasmania’s air and sea ports prepare for eased border restrictions, Sat Lotto Draw No.4097 and Super 66 draw no. Where the parties engage in spreading false information, the leaders do too. On March 18, 2020, to protect residents from the current threat of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Selina Robinson, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, cancelled Victoria's April 4 by-election.

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