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The Vancouver Podcast Festival Returns — Online! Most of the candidates also drew direct correlations between the seemingly out-of-control housing affordability crisis and the struggles small businesses are experiencing with keeping up with rents and property taxes and attracting the workers they need to keep their business open during normal operating hours. seemingly out-of-control housing affordability crisis, Where Vancouver's mayoral candidates stand on housing affordability and supply, Vancouver mayoral candidate Ken Sim wants to 'turn the ship around', Vancouver mayoral candidate Shauna Sylvester wants to 'embrace innovation', Vancouver mayoral candidate Wai Young wants to 'bring common sense back' to City hall, Vancouver mayoral candidate Hector Bremner wants to 're-humanize' neighbourhoods, Vancouver mayoral candidate Kennedy Stewart wants 'a city that works for everybody', Poll shows Kennedy Stewart currently leading Vancouver mayoral race. When subscribing to a newsletter edition you'll also get early notice on Tyee events, news, promotions, partner messages and special initiatives. On the City of Vancouver’s website, each candidate is asked their top three priorities. Quote: “Time for a new sheriff to come to town and lay down rules for developers to play by. has voted': Watch Horgan's victory speech, Wilkinson says B.C. Vancouver is seen from CTV's Chopper 9 in September 2018.

Vision Vancouver had chosen Ian Campbell as its candidate, but he dropped out in September leaving the party without a mayoral candidate. If elected, Stewart says intends to allow duplexes across the entire city and provide homeowners with more opportunities to develop large properties into multi-family residences. Bio: Young, 58, served as a Conservative MP for Vancouver South and is currently running for mayor under a new party, Coalition Vancouver. Other priorities for the NPA include ensuring natural gas continues to be a cooking and heating option within the city, reversing a position held by the existing municipal government. Now, to be clear, this is in no way meant to be an endorsement of any of the candidates, but hopefully, it can help clear the air on where some of the candidates stand on what is seen to be the biggest issue currently facing our city. The data has been statistically weighted to account for census data.

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The new party’s platform revolves almost completely around creating housing affordability by building an ample new supply, which they believe is the key to fixing much of the discontent in other areas and issues beyond housing. Four things you should know about Kennedy Stewart’s business development plan: Shauna Sylvester, an independent candidate, wants to change the way the municipal government thinks about fostering industry and job growth to a way of thinking that aligns with the digital age.

Quote: "I do not read the newspapers anymore, because most of the facts in there are not factual," said Young in a 2015 speech to the Harvest City Church. Ian Campbell departure pushes Kennedy Stewart ahead in Vancouver’s Mayoral race: Poll.

He later pled guilty to a criminal-contempt charge. Download our helpful apps

“Among the themes of concern within the West End about which candidates will have an opportunity to share their ideas are livability and quality of life, residential affordability and homelessness and viability of independent local businesses.”. COPE candidate Patrick Condon also left the race after suffering a stroke. In January, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson decided not to seek re-election.

Sim's long-term term goal is to develop a tailored housing plan for each Vancouver neighbourhood and work with the federal and provincial governments to lower the cost and other barriers that stand in the way of developing affordable rental property. Please read our Commenting Policy first. (Gary Barndt / CTV Vancouver). Vancouver's housing crisis will likely be front of mind for many residents as they head to the polls for the Oct. 20 municipal election. She was criticized for a conspiracy theory that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service had information regarding the attack on Air India Flight 182 before a bomb brought it down in 1985. When it comes to rental suites in detached homes, Young's plan reaches only half as far as Sim's, allowing just one rental unit per property. "We need to engage the people who live, work, play and study here in re-visioning the future city we want.".

She helped found the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance and served as president of the Strathcona Community Centre.

Together, the mayor and city councillors are responsible for city services such as bylaws, taxes, streets, sidewalks, and water. Get a roundup of the most important and intriguing national stories delivered to your inbox every weekday. Wong placed third in the mayoral race, and no COPE candidates were elected.

He wants to create accessible housing by enacting rent-control legislation. It's unclear if that means he will expand zoning for duplexes into the few pockets of the city where two-family homes aren't already allowed under the current "Making Room for Housing" plan.

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Quote: “I want people to know that as mayor, I’ve got their back, and I firmly believe housing is a basic human right — not a commodity. must wait for mail-in ballots to be counted, B.C. Bio: Bremner, 37, was elected as an NPA councillor in a byelection in 2017 and is the vice-president of public affairs for Pace Group, a communications firm. election, Transit police investigating video of maskless woman spitting on bus passenger. While the bulk of her campaigning has focused on ending what she calls "the ideological war on transportation" by dashing all hope of future bike lanes in the city, Young's platform acknowledges that the housing crisis "is a heart-breaking issue for those affected.

The mayor leads City Council. Policy: Stewart wants to end big money influence by enacting new conflict-of-interest and lobbying rules. Kennedy Stewart, who left his seat as a Member of Parliament in Burnaby to enter the race, has promised to make housing his “number one priority” if elected Vancouver mayor.

Oct 10, 2018 9:00 AM By: Bob Kronbauer. That’s got to change,” wrote Stewart in a press release on Facebook. Of course, it goes without saying that “housing affordability” is a big, broad topic, and it’s fair to say that while the theme may be common, each of the candidates provided their own ideas on how to tackle the issue. I believe it is time we bring real change to help our vulnerable sisters and brothers living in this city.”.

Chen is running for mayor with the ProVancouver party. With the Vancouver municipal election just one day away, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to which names to tick on the ballot box for council and mayoral candidates.. The candidate also wants to encourage property owners to develop rental units by expediting the permit process and waiving certain fees. Vancouver election candidates to be listed randomly on ballot this year, Watch the full Daily Hive Vancouver Mayoral Debate right here, Here's how to vote in the Vancouver city election this month. The organizing committee, consisting of west end community groups and local community members, set rules for inclusion in the debate to ensure “participation from those candidates most likely to become Vancouver’s next mayor.”.

YES Vancouver also plans to work with local non-profits to improve the "deplorable conditions" in single-room occupancy properties and partner with senior levels of government to provide alternatives to private SROs. The specifics of Stewart's plan include building 25,000 non-profit, affordable rental homes over the next 10 years that would be available to those making household incomes of up to $80,000. Jess Mackie is an intern at The Tyee from the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia.

Four things you should know about YES Vancouver’s business development plan: Ken Sim with the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) has a two-fold development strategy for supporting small businesses and providing new catalysts and framework for the tech industry to grow. Like Sylvester, her platform emphasizes that supply isn't the problem, but the type of housing built. Vision Vancouver had chosen Ian Campbell as its candidate, but he dropped out in September leaving the party without a mayoral candidate.

The standout feature of Hector Bremner's housing strategy is a massive, 50-per-cent tax on capital gains from unimproved homes that aren't occupied by the owner he intends to work towards in an effort to crack down on flippers and speculators.

Here is a rundown of the tech and business development plans of the five major mayoral candidates running in the 2018 Vancouver civic election (be sure to also vote for the candidate with the best business development plan in our poll below): YES Vancouver’s Hector Bremner says small businesses are vital to the city considering they account for most of the activity in the local economy. But this election’s economic priorities mainly revolve around economic survival, specifically the survival of small brick-and-mortar businesses.

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