teucer aeneid

man or beast, and bring back the details to his friends. from the ruins of Troy, a figured robe stiff with gold. ‘O goddess, if I were to start my tale at the very beginning. with or without a prep., 1.38, et al. Teucer Dardanus.

Or one of the race of Nymphs? killed the unwary Sychaeus, secretly, with a knife, impiously. Then he addressed the queen, suddenly, surprising them all. She was giving out laws and statutes to the people, and sharing. Translated by A. S. Kline © Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved.

Phoenician Dido holds him there, delaying him with flattery. my greatest concern, prepares to go to the Sidonian city.

They stay concealed and, veiled in the deep mist, they watch, to see what happens to their friends, what shore they have left, the fleet on, and why they are here: the elect of every ship came. ), betrayed, because of one person’s anger.

and proclaims, as well, offerings at the god’s temples. suddenly parted, and vanished in the clear air.

Why, the fates forbid it. from which the river bursts, with a huge mountainous roar.

While, waiting for the queen, in the vast temple, he looks. scattered the ships, and made the sea boil with storms: She caught him up in a water-spout, as he breathed flame.

steam with Sabean incense, fragrant with fresh garlands.

But he, remembering his Cyprian mother’s wishes. to Juno, rich with gifts and divine presence, with bronze entrances rising from stairways, and beams. and mighty in power, will build the walls of Alba Longa. ‘But come, my guest, tell us. at the robe, and the cloak embroidered with yellow acanthus. He recognised himself as well, fighting the Greek princes. Great king, what end to their efforts will you give?

Then they revive their strength with food, stretched on the grass. © Copyright 2000-2020 A. S. Kline, All Rights Reserved. Since then the fall of the Trojan city is known to me, and your name, and those of … where fierce Hector lies, beneath Achilles’s spear, and mighty Sarpedon: where Simois rolls, and sweeps away, so many shields, helmets, brave bodies, of men, in its waves!’. and I fear what may come of Juno’s hospitality: at such a critical turn of events she’ll not be idle. and sated the deceived father’s great love, seeks out the queen. The goddess was turned away, her eyes fixed on the ground. She bitterly complains that she cannot defeat the Trojan fleet (Storr). There was a grove in the centre of the city, delightful, with shade, where the wave and storm-tossed Phoenicians, first uncovered the head of a fierce horse, that regal Juno. but she’ll be seized, with me, by deep love for Aeneas.

amongst the royal feast, and the flowing wine. divum: for divorum (Frieze) (AG 49 note). I sing of arms and the man, he who, exiled by fate, first came from the coast of Troy to Italy, and to.

or drive them apart, and scatter their bodies over the sea. Teucrī, ōrum, m.: the Trojans, descendants of Teucer, 1.38, et al. Inside there are fifty female servants, in a long line. or the summit of Eryx, and Acestes for king.

drive the lazy herd of drones from their hives: the work glows, and the fragrant honey’s sweet with thyme. and the still waters welled from their deepest levels: he raised his calm face from the waves, gazing over the deep. (sub and mergō), noxa, ae, f.: hurt, harm; offense, outrage, violence, 1.41. they’d surely carry off seas and lands and the highest heavens.

flammas: i.e., the lightning (Walpole). But Venus pours gentle sleep over Ascanius’s limbs.

complete thirty great circles of the turning months. (rapiō), that tears away; violent, fierce; swiftly moving, rapid, 1.42; speedy, quick, prompt, 5.513. iaculor, ātus sum, 1, dep. would open to the Trojans, as guests, and Dido, unaware of fate, would not keep them from her territory. Teucrorum: the Trojans are so called as being descendants of Teucer, the first king of Troy (F-B). ēvertō, vertī, versus, 3, a.: to upturn, 1.43; overthrow, demolish, destroy, 2.603. exspīrō, āvī, ātus, 1, a. and n.: to breathe out, 1.44; to expire, die, 10.731. trānsfīgō, fīxī, fīxus, 3, a.: to pierce, transfix, 1.44. turbō, inis, m.: a tornado, whirlwind; storm, tempest, 1.442; whirling cloud, 3.573; wind accompanying the lightning; lightning-blast, 1.45; 6.594; whirling or stormy force, 11.284, et al. The eager Tyrians are busy, some building walls. (acuō).

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