strong words

Umbrella — a protecting force or influence or coverage from sun or rain.

Killjoy — this word is nearly identical to spoilsport, but in my opinion more aesthetically pleasing.

Indigo — the dark blue dye extracted from the Indigo plant.

Cosmic — the extraterrestrial vastness of the universe in contrast to Earth. Paseo — a slow leisurely walk or stroll.

Every month or so, an eclectic crew converges on the trendy hamlet of Atwater Village It is a word to describe someone that kills the joy of others. This word actually relates to the word dragon or drakon… which brings us to our next word.

Snakebitten — someone or something that is “snakebitten” is doomed.

Gallivant — to go around from place to place in the search for pleasure and entertainment. Two, a cry a hunter makes when riding a horse at full speed. 68. There is beauty in waiting. 91. Aberration — ahh, yet another lovely word. 4. Strong Words celebrates both common ground and disparate paths in stories that connect us all. 18.

64. There is beauty in moving slow but moving purposefully.

7. Inspirational words of encouragement have a powerful effect on the mind.


13. 72. There is beauty in showing up each day. 49. Come join our growing Strong Words community. Mushy-headed –– not well thought out. 25. Try to use this kind of language to … This word is derived from the evil Russian sorcerer monk, Grigory Efimovich Rasputin. Capricious — impulsive; prone to sudden extreme changes in mood or behavior. Glissade — to skillfully glide over ice or snow while descending a mountain. Minibeast — a tiny animal without a vertebrate (think: spider, roach or centipede). favorite, . ← 3 Immutable Laws of Persuasive Headlines and a Swipe File, Persuasive Web Design Audit Sheet: Your Guide to Non-Sucky, Super Persuasive Web Design →, 7 Reasons Your Audience Isn't Connecting With Your Brand | New Feeds UK, 7 Reasons Your Audience Isn't Connecting With Your Brand – EAL News | Download Latest Email List Addresses database news Marketing Companies Softwares Reviews - 1440677177, 7 Reasons Your Audience Isn't Connecting With Your Brand - The Dessauer GroupThe Dessauer Group, The Supreme Guide To Long-Form Content Posts - WooGuru, How To Write A Call To Action + Free Download, 7 Common Pitfalls of Call to Action Design | Bugdaddy, How To Transform Your Blog Post Into An Infographic | Blogger Babes, How to get your important emails read for sure. @mhirabayashi photographed the latest @StrongWords_LA, including @DavidMPascucci. 98. 55. Goldilocks — neither being hot nor cold — not varying from one extreme to the other. Fain — to willingly or gladly do something.

So, I recommend using it as an insult for your friend that always acts like he was dealt a bad hand. Circumferential — surrounding or lying around the outskirts of something. The wife dragooned her tightwad of a husband into buying her the red heels. Think: Roger Rabbit ran rapidly at the Runnymede Radish Race. I suppose it is more related to fiction. These 50 powerful adjectives can help you properly describe a woman. 3. He stood six foot four inches and was as creepy as a banshee. 80. 94. Think: five fraternity brothers six shots deep grab-assing on the strip. Not everything is a “start-up”. 16. Dragoon — this word is one of my favorites simply because it sounds so badass.

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