that wasn't supposed to happen wow wow wubbzy

This is so cool! Maybe if I give it some extra oomph. • Walden: I'm afraid this food is all wrong, Widget. That did the trick! I love marshmallow mash sandwiches! I love to watch them fly and make buzzy-bee sounds and do all kinds of little buzzy-bee things! • Wubbzy: Howdy, partner! • Widget: That wasn't supposed to happen! • Walden: You know, this is all pretty nice! I'm really messing up your tea party, Wubbzy. • Walden: Let's hope this thing can at least make tea! Let's start with the sandwiches. • Walden: [Slurp] This isn't tea, Widget! We made a total mess of your tea party! • Walden: You can have it right here in my garden! I think you can turn it down now. • Walden: Wait a minute, Wubbzy! And you two are invited. You know, that sounds like fun! Tea parties are lots of fun, if you do them right. • Walden: Wubbzy! It'll take care of everything we need! I think it's great. • Walden: At least the setting is right. But I think we forgot something. I call it the Tea-Time 3000. • Walden: You know, I've got some old costumes in the attic! This is all wrong. Maybe we can wear those! • Wubbzy: Wow, wow, wow! • Wubbzy: We'll be back in a jiffy, Walden! Come on! • Wubbzy: We've got great costumes, and great food, and the place is wow, wow, wow! • Wubbzy: I like buzzy bees! I'll handle this! Come on, guys! How about knitting? Oh, no! Mmm! • Walden: This fan should chase those buzzy-bees away! • Walden: How about throwing a tea party? We're flying! So did that tea party book mention anything about floating your guests all over town, Walden? Wubbzy! • Widget: No problemo! • Walden: Oh, no, no, no! • Widget: And I'll get my Hammerin' Holly dolly. Too-- A tea party? The book specifically says no buzzy-bees are allowed at tea parties! • Walden: Don't worry, Wubbzy. • Wubbzy: That's it! Mmm-mmm! • Widget: And I brought mine! • Walden: Yes, yes, yes! • Widget: And I guess the main thing about a tea party is having fun, right? It says in my book that a garden is the perfect place for a tea party. • Wubbzy: I think they're great! Widget: [Sighs] I know. • Widget: Oh, we're really sorry, little buddy. • Widget: Not according to Walden's book! Even if it's different from what the book said! It's grapity-grape juice! Wow! Jelly with whipped cream, anyone? • Walden: The tea party is blowing away! • Wubbzy: Nah. • Wubbzy: We should wear these costumes for our tea party! • Walden: I don't think so, Widget. • Wubbzy: Are you kidding? • Widget: That wasn't supposed to happen! The Fanny-Fan 3000! • Wubbzy: Dress up? So did that tea party book mention anything about floating your guests all over town, Walden? • Walden: [Groaning] What a disaster. • Wubbzy: Wheeeee! • Wubbzy: I don't know about you, but I feel like a snack! • Wubbzy: I don't think that was in the book, was it? Where's your doll, Walden? • Wubbzy: That's okay! I can't wait to try these on! I like grapity-grape juice better than tea anyway! Now, it says here in my book, we're supposed to eat cucumber sandwiches, cookies, and tea. • Widget: Hey, hey, hey, little buddy! • Walden: Now it says here to have a proper tea party, we each have to bring a doll. • Widget: Yesiree! • Walden: Uh-- this is the closest thing I could find. The flowers are in bloom. • Walden: [Chewing] Mmm! Really great! Let's have a tea party! • Walden! [Slurping]. Hey! • Wubbzy: If it didn't, it should have! Umm-- how do you throw a tea party anyway? • Wubbzy: I don't know, Walden. Wow! Okay, Widget. • Walden: This is really going to ruin the tea party! I think we look fine! • Wubbzy: That's okay! - That Wasn't Supposed To Happen - YouTube Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I love apples, especially when they're covered with pumpkin seeds! Let's party! Hey! • Walden: Yes! Buzzy bees! • Widget: Huh? • Wubbzy: Mmm! Oh, waiter! You know what? • Widget: Oh, I don't think it's strong enough. I'm gonna throw a tea party this afternoon. It's all here in this book. [Crunch] Why, these are egg salad! • Widget: That wasn't supposed to happen, either. Gee, I'm sorry, Wubbster. • Wubbzy: Wow! • Wubbzy: Hey! • Walden: Well, maybe the Tea-Time 3000 will do better with the cookies. This looks great, Walden! • Widget: Well, maybe you need to try something new, little buddy. • Widget: That wasn't supposed to happen, either. That wasn't supposed to happen. • Wubbzy: That's okay! [Crunch] Those are so good! Actually, these seem to be peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! I brought my doll! Ta-da! Where's the fire? • Widget: No problemo! It says in my book that we're supposed to dress up for a tea party. • Walden: Yes, yes, yes. • Widget: Oh. These costumes are all wrong for a tea party, Wubbzy! • Wubbzy: Well, that was just the best tea party ever! Watch this. Ta-da! I'm just kind of bored. The birds are singin'. The buzzy bees are buzzin', and-- Oh! None of these books really interest me. • Wubbzy: Wow. Look at all these cucumber sandwiches. • Wubbzy: Works for me! Mine are marshmallow mash!

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