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I used my credit card to purchase. Right Stuf sells a lot of anime DVDs, manga, light novels, figures, and other items, but I’m sure many people on this app are likely aware of that.

should i or shouldn't i? I like the representation the case and the disc give to all the characters involved in the OVA episodes. I tried this site for the first time and its been a terrible experince. They even sell uncommon titles not sold in stores, (case in point: the Aria manga series.). I was warned about it but I didn't listen and now I am paying for my mistakes. Send Message: 31 / F / Wisconsin. In my experience, the delays have not been so crushingly-long that I've had to question whether or not I'll receive my shipment. The only knacks I have on this site is the fluctuation of pricing as it goes up after those sales a lot and the shipping is abysmal. Called the company and they proceeded to tell me it was my fault. The company has no problem taking and keeping your money and shaming buyers to believing it's their fault (guys, it's not, they just suck). they refunded the price of the books but I lost 60$ shipment cost.Beware if you are an international customer.

So I called FedEx to see what we can do, nothing. As a huge manga fan with a limited budget, it's great to find a site that offers manga at a good rate while still maintaining the quality of their products. No response after a few business days. The thing is, they make it right.They bust their balls to get you your order in a timely manner.Always great customer service.Always packed safe and sturdy.Great job, folks! Shana is how to do a DVD case right and Yowamushi is how to do one wrong. I had to explain to THEM that the website WILL NOT allow you to move forward without a proper validated address. I then told Right Stuf that I wanted to return my item and that I had already made a few orders with the site and this was the first time I ever tried to return an item. I love RightStuf! I have heard that since june 2015 rightstuff hasn't been so good. This company kicks so much A$$.Yeah, they run and sale, and it sells out before I can get it but, that's not their fault. However, after trying to obtain the package through two post offices (close one and main one), it showed that the package wasn't there. If you go through the dispute process with an outside source such as your credit card company or the bank, you will be banned from ordering permanently. I emailed several times but no response, I tried calling but no response even on business hours they still somehow weren't open or answering, and it been over 5 days since I've tried to contact them. So… I basically paid $26 for an episode and typo-free subtitles. Their return policy is the worst thing about the company so I recommend ordering somewhere else if you are worried you won’t like a product since if you order 1 manga book for $10 you’d be loosing more for not keeping it adding up the total to $18 lost. Team Rocket Elite (Moderator ) 8 years ago #2. I had purchased a bundle of manga from the site but the first time the order didn’t go through, so I decided to order it again and had to wait to see if the order went through.

Called the company and they proceeded to tell me it was my fault. I actually have an item I want to return to Right Stuf right now, but because I would have to pay for the shipping, which would take up half my refund, I don’t see much of a point in returning it. While prices are decent they are not much lower than other retailers that provide faster shipping and MUCH better customer service.As other have said when you have a problem, you have a problem.

Never, ever in all the years of purchasing online have I ever had to respond to an email to verify that I actually made the purchase. No thank you, never purchasing from this company again. When I checked the status of my delivery it had said it was returned because there was no address. Amazon’s was easy. For items that were in stock they sure take a while to ship; that leads me to believe that they never really had the stock they claimed or something on my order was holding everything back. 11/18/2015 - UPDATED REVIEW I created two cases because the defective mangas were from two different orders. I received two volumes of manga that were either mailed to me already damaged or damaged during transit. The design is right on the pillow.

Let’s say I’ve know about the site for three years. Being a Got Anime member is worth it for that little extra price break and now with the Sezzle payment option I find it more affordable. The manga arrive and I ask when will they be replaced? RightStuff has a consumer rating of 2.51 stars from 37 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. It was last year almost to the day that a friend sent me screenshots of a sale that was happening on the site. Sentai doesn’t believe in pretty insides when it comes to their DVD cases. Very knowledgeable amd I love how strict the owners are so not to cater to youngsters! I purchased a large amount of Fate product through them since they are the only English distributor, and I was worried due to all the negative reviews out there. Not worth ordering from this site!

Brand Directory. Despite the global pandemic they have shown dedication to their customers and continue to be my choice online anime shopping. In comparison with RightStuf, (where I've been ordering items for the past few months now,) I could have ordered 5-6 books for 18-20 dollars less. All of the Akame Ga Kill series. So what happens? Even with the COVID-19 excitement, Right Stuf has been doing their best which has been excellent in my experience. Read real customer ratings and reviews or write your own.

The experience this time around has been great but I fear what will happen if any packages are missing with a delivered status. I am very disgusted with Rightstuf and I would only use them through Amazon because I know who has my back. Now they will not honour the price on the original order. I received a discount code with that order. Anime, Manga, and More!

Best place to buy anime and manga. Excellent packaging and items were received minty fresh!I will most definitely be ordering from here again. The disc holders for discs one and two looks like a piece is broken. A fucking nightmare. I ask "What about Vagabond 2?" Title Right Stuf Anime - Anime, Manga and More, For Less! But even though the mistake was on their end, they sent out something that was broken during transit because they did not put any padding/insulation, it is my responsibility to pay for shipping or be stuck with damaged goods. I was told that I could make a new order and the shipping would be taken away. I only recommend ordering if you don't mind waiting as well as to remember that your order didn't get deducted from your payment method used. Catalogs for THEIR stuff!


They package things very well and I like their customer service team. Sakura-chan73 . I had to contact them after all the stuff from COVID happened and they were very helpful. So out of the $100 he spent, he has only gotten back around $22. Being a Got Anime member is worth it for that little extra price break and now with the Sezzle payment option I find it more affordable. Looking for a great online anime store then check out Right Stuf Anime.

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