recycling plastic bottles facts

Remember That Time You Really Needed Plastic? Plastic water bottles cost tax dollars to get rid of. According to the U.S. EPA, Americans recycled more than 6 billion pounds of plastics in 2015 (the last time they calculated)! According to research, 1.5 million tons of plastic waste are created by plastic bottles alone. Many types of plastics are recyclable. It’s true that recycling plastics and other materials saves resources, which helps protect the environment. 1,500 plastic bottles are thrown away every second of every day; 480 billion plastic bottles were bought across the world during 2019; By 2021, the consumption of plastic bottles is set to hit half a trillion every year. Our emails are all about sustainable living without compromising your style. A fun and engaging site, young readers will learn important lessons about our trash, and our world. More than 1,600 business organizations in the U.S. are involved in recycling post-consumer plastic items. Over time, plastic breaks down into tiny particles called microplastics, which are found on shorelines around the world. Almost one third of plastic bottles in America were recycled in 2014, Recycling creates 6 times more jobs than land-filling and 36 times more than incinerating, A recycled product can be back on the shelves again within a single month, Upcycling is a creative (and increasingly popular) method of reusing common plastic objects, PET and HDPE are two of the most easily recycled plastics, followed by PVC and low-density polyethylene. 640,613 tonnes of plastic packaging was collected to be recycled in 2012 and it is estimated that by 2017 over 1,213,000 tonnes of plastic packaging in the UK will be recycled annually! 6. Plastic bottles hang around as long as 700 years. We use 13 billion carrier bags in the UK each year. An infrared laser that detects different plastics for sorting and recycling. NOTE: Check with your local recycling program to find out exactly what plastics are accepted at curbside; or enter your zip code at Do that and we will solve a major litter issue overnight. Recycling a ton of PET containers saves 5.6 cubic meters of landfill space. It’s easier than ever to recycle dry cleaning bags, food wraps, food storage bags, grocery store bags, product wraps, and more. Or online. Here is an overview of the industry. What materials you should use depend entirely on the space you have available and the location of your greenhouse. Plastic water bottles are one of the main sources of pollution found in common natural areas such as beaches. Plastics recycling has grown significantly since we began measuring in the 1990s, and today we have access to recycling programs for a growing number of plastics, including bottles, caps, containers, lids, and bags/wraps (see above). 7. Ocean plastics are a resource that’s just too valuable to waste (another reason they shouldn’t be littering our oceans). Here are four things about plastics recycling you may not know: Don’t throw your soft drink bottle caps in the trashcan. And we can expect to recycle even more plastics in the years ahead. Many of the plastics that are not easy or cost effective to recycle are designed for long-term use and can be re-purposed is they are not broken. Below is a list of facts listing the extent of pollution: Although the possibility of buying bottled water is simple and convenient for you, think about the impact on the environment.

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