polynesian armband tattoo female

Traditionally, armband tattoos are placed on the upper part of the arm. Still on the line of using the line as something more than just a line, this is a great way to commemorate an important date in your life, although it may raise a lot of questions so get your creative answers ready, like “this was the day I managed to pee while eating“. We can also use different modern components to make these tattoos better. Here, we have a leg tattoo with a round tiki face in the middle. These tattoos were mostly for aged members of high ranking tribal members to show their superiority.

These tattoos were mostly for aged members of high ranking tribal members to show their superiority.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. 1. Most importantly, you would have a tattoo you would never regret if you own a Polynesian tattoo. These tattoos were mostly circular, and they covered them with carvings showing rivers and rocks and finally surrounded by ocean like symbols. Ancient Polynesia didn’t have tattoos with alphabets because they didn’t have one.

But it seems like it’s coming back today and in a more simpler and yet more stunning form. European people had these tattoos over the years and had developed different versions of it. We don’t have too much muscle in our hands and fingers. You can find this and many other examples of awesome tattoos that have some great quotes. One particular pattern you can choose is a series of triangles. I just realized there was not even one simple line armband tattoo on the list, this are awesome and don’t need anything else to be considered as one of the top options to many people when getting a tattoo for the first time. Their art form shows lifestyle and ecosystem of tribes of Oceania. These Tattoos consisted of different symbols and markings that were their only recognition at that time. In Polynesian tattoo history, there is an unmissable part of a body where most tribal people had tattoos. Call me a pervert but I can clearly see a vajay jay in there, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case. A shoulder tattoo looks better with different add-ons too. Innovation is never lacking when it comes to an outstanding Polynesian beauty. People nowadays have these tattoos for styles more than meaning inside it. A Polynesian-symbol is usually related to a specific natural combination mostly about oceans and tribal lifestyles. Similarly, we can have modifications as above, To our designs. Like men, most of the females in these areas had a tattoo too.

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