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Chuck Onorato: Ron Masak. UnforgottenWhere to stream it: Amazon Prime. There’s nothing particularly realistic about “Luther,” so if you’re looking for that, skip on down the list. Deputy Chief Hayes: Glenn Ford. Watch Police Story - Season 6, Episode 3 - The Watch Commander: The wife of a veteran cop becomes increasingly concerned over her husband's intense devotion to his men and duty. The Netflix program follows the same formula each episode: Police have a suspect in the station for questioning and a clock counts down how long they can keep him or her in custody. ', Plus, some seasonally appropriate Hallmark movies, Including how to watch previous debates and town halls. Carpenter: Robert Forster. Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. Neptune: Warren Oates. Martin: Dane Clark. With Tony Lo Bianco, Glenn Corbett, Dane Clark, Marsha Hunt. Jill: Elvira Roussel. Although "Criminal" takes place almost entirely in the interrogation room, it’s gripping. Stacy: Claude Akins. Guzmano: Rene Enriquez. There's always a crime at the top of the hour, then a few red herrings and misleading suspects later, you have it all tied up with a neat bow. Unlike other straight detective shows, "Broadchurch" focuses on the impact of child murder in a small town — and how quickly it turns neighbor against neighbor. ALSO READ: Netflix's Ted Bundy documentary is almost everything that's wrong with the true crime genre. Because it's never too early to plan Thursday night... two months from now. Sgt. Ron Butler: Eddie Egan. Reynolds: Dennis Cole. It's also a fun who's who of young talent, as an astounding number of up-and-coming British actors played small roles on the show. Season 5, Episode 9. Katie Dowd is the SFGATE Managing Editor. The series sought to humanize police officers and is considered the precursor to 'NYPD Blue' and 'Hill Street Blues.' It's taunting and brilliant, and the best part is that once you've binged all three episodes, you'll discover that Netflix dropped three more seasons set in France, Germany and Spain. Released in Sept. 2019, "Criminal" takes place almost entirely inside the interrogation room. Two characters w (more…)A gripping anthology that portrayed police officers on and off the job, created by author Joseph Wambaugh, a former L.A. cop. Two characters who were introduced on the series were spun off into their own shows: `Police Woman' and `Joe Forrester.'. Each three-episode season features three different crimes — and three suspects (played in the U.K. version by David Tennant, Hayley Atwell and Youssef Kerkour) that the police are trying to break. It’s hard to reinvent the detective show, but "Criminal" does it better than almost any in recent history. Lt. William Bramlett: Harry Guardino. Felco: Wolfman Jack. SF tech execs apologize for addicting features in... New ‘Borat’ movie is a master class on... Legacy SF dive bar continues its mutilating... Why the oldest Netflix Original is still my favorite. There was some conventional law and order action, but the series was also unusually realistic in exploring the psychological effects of the job. T.J.: Ty Henderson. It feels cliche now — and its quality went downhill quite a bit after season two — so it’s easy to forget what a revelation the "Sherlock" reboot was when it came out in 2010. She's manic, she's wild-eyed, and she's incredibly fun to watch unravel as detective Marcella Backland, a London investigator reeling — and possibly committing crimes — after the disintegration of her marriage.

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