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Previous Copyright © 2013-2019AllMedPhysicians, pLLC& All Plant Foods, LLC. She was one of many excellent speakers. And, Yes, I am open minded! The PlantPure Communities (PPC) Pod Network emerged out of the 2015 film PlantPure Nation with the goal of creating and supporting a grassroots movement by empowering a network of independent local groups (Pods) and people to promote the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Please SHARE this link if you like it. Pods can use the PlantPure Nation film, community-building online tools and events, and other resources in their outreach efforts. In 2015 Nelson Campbell (son of T. Colin Campbell, The China Study) produced a fantastic documentary called PlantPure Nation. To Promote and Encourage the Prevention and Reversal of Disease Through Personal Implementation of Practical Lifestyle Measures by Providing Starch-Smart® Health Education! "Junk Food" is not. Dr. Greger says that his grandmother "was given a medical death sentence at the age of 65." Start or join a group focused on living a whole food, plant-based lifestyle! Become a Group Leader – start a Pod today! For some, the site is simply a doorway which guides people to their Facebook or Meetup group page.) WELCOME!! Download this flyer about the Pod Network to share with others and get involved today! In Chapter 1, the prophet Daniel himself takes on a ch... Due to rising obesity and insulin resistance rates, low-carb and Paleo diets have become a popular approach to the growing population of overweight Americans. Many opinions expressed on this site are from our Helpful Sharing Starch-Smart® Community members who do not represent Therapeutic Living, Inc. or any of it's affiliates including Linda Carney MD, AllMedPhysicians, pLLC., All Plant Foods, LLC., or Sean Carney. Three years earlier I had become plant based due to a breast cancer diagnosis. As part of the registration, a personal account is automatically created. WELCOME! The Pod in Austin Texas runs a Facebook group called ATX Alive and holds monthly potlucks at various locations through the Austin Texas area. Please consult a knowledgeable Physician to help guide you through the transition. Help bring whole food, plant-based meals, nutrition education, and healthy lifestyle practices to underserved communities. Phthalates are chemical compounds that are used in a wide range of c... Dr. Carney was privileged to be interviewed by Lee Fulkerson, director of Forks Over Knives, during PlantPure Summit 2016. Changing to a whole-food, plant-based, no-oil, low-fat dietary regime may significantly reduce the need for medications. Please do not use information from this site to diagnose and/or treat any sickness or disease. COVID-19: Let’s Flatten the Curve through Nutrition, Our Most Important Defense Against COVID-19: Finding Hope Through Scientific Evidence. PlantPure Nation is building PlantPure Pods to create an environment where like-minded people can work together to spread the message of plant-based nutrition in their communities. Movie  |  Directory  |  Summit  |  TV  |  Radio  |  Recipes  |  Magazine  |  Oasis  |  Foods  |  Books, By accepting you will be accessing a service provided by a third-party external to This film highlights the importance of a plant based diet for human health, animal welfare and the environment. Our diet affects us in so many ways. My goal is to provide familiar flavors and textures that appeal to as many people as possible, including families and kids. Participation is free, and offers support and networking opportunities to everyone interested in learning, incorporating, advocating and practicing a whole food, plant-based lifestyle. Dr. Carney has been involved since the inception of the PlantPure Pods by joining the ATX Alive Pod in Austin Texas. The Video below is a beautiful introduction to the PlantPure Communities (Pods): Dr. Carney encourages everybody to sign up at to either join an existing Pod (Check the directory) or Start a Local Group in their area. (Please note that not all Pods choose to use the Pod website to interact. © 2019 PlantPure Communities | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. Copyright © 2020 Therapeutic Living, Inc. Try to find them. Check out my cookbooks, PlantPure Nation and PlantPure Kitchen, if you are interested in more great recipes from PlantPure. As stated by Dr. John McDougall, "Advocat... Meet Frances Greger, Dr. Michael Greger's grandmother (in the above two videos). This web site is provided for informational purposes only and does not contain medical advice or create a Physician/Patient relationship. Allow them a modest amount in their diet knowing that as taste buds heal their cravings for salt and sugar will naturally subside. I have an 8 year old girl going through what I believe is precocious puberty. Check out our delivered whole food, plant-based vegan friendly meals. Pod members may choose to educate others in their community on the connections of a plant-based lifestyle to our health, the environment, farming, animal welfare, and food and health inequities. A cornerstone of the Pod Network is inclusiveness. People from all walks of life and at different stages in their wellness or plant-based journey have an open invitation to become a participant in the Pod Network at any time. Consuming foods that contain Phthalates during pregnancy promotes genital abnormalities in male infants. We've seen an endocrin... "Real Food" is healthy! That was an adjustment. People join Pods to support one another and work together to spread the message of plant-based nutrition in their communities, as well as have fun and build friendships. Northwestern India Pod hosts WFPB Jumpstart with 45 Seniors, Group Calls on First Minister (Wales) to Fight COVID Via Data-Driven Nutrition Strategy, Sign-on Letter to First Minister of Wales Calling for Nutrition Strategy to Fight COVID-19, COVID-19: Let’s Flatten the Curve through Nutrition, Our Most Important Defense Against COVID-19: Finding Hope Through Scientific Evidence.

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