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Adventure Consultants is renowned for the quality of its service and strategy applied to high altitude expedition climbing. In 2007 the Chilean expedition made an ascent with a special automobile up to the height of 6688 m (it is recoded in the Guinness Book of World Records). The Atacama is one of the driest places on Earth, blocked from moisture on both sides by the Andes Mountains and the Chilean Coast Range, resulting in a rainfall of just 1 millimetre (0.04 in) per year. As well as being a qualified IFMGA Guide she is also a qualified physiotherapist.

Drive to the camp Atacama (5300 m).

International and national flights and boarding fees. Do I need to get a visa to travel to Peru, Chile or Argentina?Most visitors who stay for less than three months do not require a visitor’s visa, but you must check this with your local embassy or travel agent for updates.

Ojos Del Salado sits in a remote area of the world's driest spot, Atacama Desert. Walking a few hours each day, then 6-8 hours on the weekends is generally a good realistic training programme. All the previous acclimatization process is to endure this SO challenging summit. Who do you recommend for insurance?Coverage varies based on your nationality and the trip that you are taking with us. I want to become a mountain guide, where do I start?Those with limited experience generally start by taking an alpine climbing course and then go out and climb for a few years. Drive up to the altitude of 4900 m. Then continue the ascent by foot. 6962m, 19 Days Our first priority is to charge our computers, satellite phones and expedition electrical equipment. There is also a downloadable pdf document in the 'Trip Notes' section above. Some of our main selling points, which sometimes do cost more, are internationally qualified Western guides, proven dependable local operators, small group sizes and safe client-to-guide ratios, quality equipment and high summit success rates, among other things. What is trip cancellation insurance?Trip cancellation insurance is an option that may allow you to cancel your trip without losing the total cost of the trip. Explore our expeditions in South America by Locations. This is a very dry region, without much snow in the summer months (January, February and March) which are the best for climbing this volcano. We strongly recommend you to get them. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in the Andes and check out these amazing trips to the summit of Ojos del Salado! Can't wait to hit the mountain.

Disposable and digital cameras are the lightest weight, but all cameras have maintenance issues that need to be carefully considered before bringing them to high elevations.

mail@mountainguide.ru Transfer to the Copiapo. And when should I book my flight to leave?No, our trip programmes all have an arrival day and a departure day built into them. If the circumstance arises that we have to cancel the trip for any reason, we are usually able to help you book on to an alternate departure, either with us or another operator. Since it’s so dry, water supply is somethi…

Many clients come to us after failing on one of our competitors ‘cheaper’ trips. PO Box 739, Wanaka 9343 We do NOT recommend bringing rechargeable digital cameras as they tend to run out when power is not available.

But in the crater of Ojos del Salado at the height of 6390m there is a permanent lake about 100 m in diameter.

All group equipment; rope, high altitude tent, stove, GPS, etc. We advise people to bring wet-wipes for impromptu washes in between available showers. Rest assured when you book with the expedition specialists here at Adventure Consultants we'll help by sending through advice on what you'll need, including: For further information check out our Travel and Rescue Insurance page or contact us. Descent to the Laguna Verde and rest. A mountaineer on Ojos is thoroughly put to test as he embraces three different types of climbing: rock, ice, and snow. Even in the summer, at night, temperatures can drop as low as -10°C, and at the summit can drop to -30°C with extreme winds. Salvador 838 - Providencia Santiago, Chile, Climb 4 mountains: 7 hermanas 4900m, Mulas muertas 5600m, San Francisco 6050m and Ojos del Salado 6893m, We will use Laguna verde to camp and enjoy the naturale hotspring and relax, Enjoy a incredibles landscape like laguna Verde, Laguna Santa Rosa and Maricunga salt flat, Have the opportunity to admire the wildlife of the desert such as foxes, flamingos, llamas, Fight with a extreme desert environments with very low temperatures, Cross a huge distance of the desert, thanks to the support of our 4×4 truck, We will save a lot of energy because we just carry one day our gear to the high camp, Private transportation to climbing areas (4WD), Transfer airport – hotel and hotel – airport, Mountain tents (each one is for 2 persons), All meals within the expedition (Breakfast, box lunch, diner). Following the alpinist style of climbing, we will be carrying 20-25kg backpacks to establish a summit camp high enough on the mountain. What food will be available?You’ll get breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, as well as ample hot and cold drinks but if you have any special treats you like, we encourage you to bring some along. Like most peaks in this part of the Puna, Ojos del Salado is normally climbed from Antarctic Peninsula Backcountry Ski Cruise, Antarctic Peninsula - Yacht Based Expedition, Europe Pre-Course & Acclimatisation Programme, Chamonix Introductory Mountaineering Course, First Tracks Wanaka Heli-Accessed Ski Touring, Adventure Consultants Mountain Guide Scholarships.

We can however recommend excellent travel agents with whom we have worked should you require help with arranging your international flights.

This rewarding and photogenic day typically takes between twelve and fourteen hours.

Does it include airfare?Please see the 'Payment Conditions' section above for the inclusions and exclusions for this particular trip. International airfares are not included in the trip price.

My travel agent says I can just get an e-ticket (electronic ticket) and will not need to be actually issued a physical ticket.E-tickets are the standard practice these days and are now acceptable in most locations. The peaks lie on the Chile/Argentina frontier in the Atacama region. In terms of climbing equipment, ropes, crampons, and a stick will be essential for the last stretch. Once you have paid your deposit your trip is confirmed, subject to payment of the balance of fees owing 90 days prior to your trip commencement date. Reserve dayDay 14. What is included in the cost of my trip? Towering at 6893m, climbing it is a challenge reserved for the bold ones. Can I get a cheap ticket online?The problem with these tickets is that you usually end up having to pay quite a lot more if you have to make any changes to your ticket. Climb Ojos del Salado (6893 m). Can I pay by credit card?We can accept both the trip deposit and balance payment on credit card. Enjoy intimate knowledge of the Andes Mountains, while being lead by Alpenglow mountain guide, Esteban "Topo" Mena, who gives climbers an interactive and authentic experience with Andean culture. For our South American expeditions, you should be comfortable walking for 6-8 hours with an appropriately weighted pack. What showers and washing (clothes) will be available on the expedition?Showers will be available in the city hotels that are utilised prior to and after your climb. At an intimidating altitude of almost 7000m, oxygen levels at the summit are just a third of what we receive at sea level.

After breakfast hike to the mountain “San-Francisco” (6018 m). Our mountain expeditions include the following services: In order to avoid any injury we strongly recommend to all the expedition members to have the mountain equipment described below. The balance is payable 90 days prior to the trip start date. Our 2018 and 2020 expeditions were led by: Lydia was the first woman to ascend Mt Everest without oxygen in 1988 and after years of personal climbing is now mountain guiding with Adventure Consultants. An average 13-day ascent with full board porters and transport costs around $4500 per person for a group of 2.

These ratings are displayed in the icons at the top of each expedition page, with a further explanation available by clicking on the accompanying question mark. This lightens our loads for the following day, when we move towards our high camp at 5,825m, giving us enough time for rest and acclimatisation before summit day. A full run-down of the categories can be found on our Difficulty Ratings page and our team is more than happy to discuss your experience to find the right trip for you. Climbing Ojos del Salado is not technically too difficult, that is until summit time. Furthermore, keep in mind that most guided treks also include mules to help carry equipment and bags thus lightening the load. Arrive Copiapó Airport (CPO), transfer to Bahia Inglesa, explore the town and harbour and overnight in hotel, Bahia Inglesa to Valle Chico (3,050m/10,000ft), Valle Chico to Laguna Santa Rosa (3,760m/12,350ft), Trek to Siete Hermanos (4,880m/16,010ft), return to Laguna Santa Rosa, Move from Laguna Santa Rosa to Laguna Verde (4,340m/14,240ft), Hike to Cerro Mulas Muertas (5,400m/17,700ft), stay Laguna Verde camp, Ascent of San Francisco volcano (6,080m/19,948ft), stay Laguna Verde camp, From Laguna Verde drive to Atacama Refuge (5,300m/17,400ft), Hike to Tejos Refuge (5,825m/19,100ft) and return to Atacama, From Atacama Refuge climb to Tejos Refuge camp. It´s the warmest period in the southern hemisphere, but it's still windy and dry and conditions can be quite rough also during peak season. Your expedition leader will be scheduled approximately six months out from the trip start.

Mountaineering Double or triple boots.

Of course, due to the high altitude acclimatization needs to be taken into consideration all the way . Dispatches - Ojos del Salado Expedition 2020, Dispatches - Ojos del Salado Private Expedition 2020, Dispatches - Ojos del Salado Expedition 2018, I have traveled with three other providers on big expeditions over the last couple of years, ...you guys have the best pre-trip customer service of them all! | Included in the program “7 Second summits”. © 2018 Proudly brought to you by Heart2Climb.

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