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Right on schedule the Sox switch to a look based on their 1942 set. Those are fangs in the center of the “A” by the way. Bottom left side of the "A" is curled in more. Spalding caps are also used in 1957, could be caps from 1956. An invaluable historic reference for baseball enthusiasts and collectors. Here's an 8-panel cap, common in the mid 1940's. Few teams have changed their look as much as the White Sox, who once wore baggy pajama-style uniforms and shorts. Cleveland Indians / Naps Caps History Cleveland's nickname was Blues in 1901, Broncos in 1902, and Naps 1903-14 before settling on Indians in 1915 in tribute to Louis Sockalexis, a popular player in the 1890's who was the first Native American to play Major League baseball. Former home cap is now the road cap. That classic orange "O" with the black background is a look synonymous with some of the best teams in MLB history. With a switch to Wilson caps, the logo is squished and S is larger than the O and X. With 2,213 career RBIs, Babe Ruth ranks second in Major League history and his 1,971 RBIs as a Yankee ranks second in team history. It’s left the diamond behind and entered into everyday life. Player choice perhaps? Now, the baseball cap is worn as a fashion statement. Back in the day distributors and manufacturers were competing hard for MLB business. the 'Brooklyn Style' cap. Relive some of the greatest moments in the history of Major League Baseball with the Cooperstown Collection Hats by New Era Cap, the Official On-Field Cap of the MLB. Moved to Kansas City after the 1954 season. The Cardinals have gotten most things right in their long history. New Era caps had green under the brim at first. @import url("CSSSculptor/prosports_content_css/print.css"); In this instance, the White Sox introduced a curly cursive “C” to their caps in the late 1980s, or is it a curly cursive “E”, it’s hard to tell. Great news, we've signed you up. Home caps remain white. Home caps appear to have been white, road caps grey. This interlocking M&B is terrible. *For stock items that are ordered before 4:30pm EST Monday through Friday. Road caps were navy with pinstripes. Thankfully this only lasted one season before the franchise moved to Milwaukee. @import url("CSSSculptor/prosports_content_css/print.css"); Baltimore is a city ready to erupt if the Orioles become relevant. This is about as far as they could fall from a hat ranking standpoint, though. The Sox return to Sunday throwback jerseys. Let’s have a logo that shows a smiling caricature of a happy savage Indian warrior. 13. For their final year in Philadelphia, drowning in red ink, the Athletics appropriately add red to the color scheme, trimming the logo in red and adding a red button. Thousands of actual, vintage on-field major league baseball jerseys and caps worn by every major league team, year by year, since 1900. . The 1974 Wilson White Sox cap is unique in that: letters are thinner, "S" interlocks with "o", and "o" overlies "x". 1990 sees the first Turn Back the Clock game. "SOX" replaces "C" as the logo. Like the Mariners, the Brewers had a fantastic cap logo in their “ball and glove” M&B design. > The team was an embarrassment. Caps were made by the Leslie Company which introduced KM Pro in 1953. Which caps did you hate? The Official Site of Major League Baseball. --> This is the home cap for 1930-31. By 1914 the Braves had suffered though several losing seasons and were a second-fiddle to the Red Sox in Boston. Do you agree with any on my list? All of this was terrible: the cap, the logo, the uniform. Actual logos, sports uniforms and names are properties of their respective leagues, teams, ownership groups and/or organizations. This 1949 cap is the first Rawlings A's cap I've seen, and I'm unsure if it was actually used by the team. Don’t know, don’t care.

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