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Adapted from The Torture Machine: Racism and Police Violence in Chicago by Flint Taylor. Deception and Make Believe Made up the GOP... CFPB Gives Green Light to Predatory Payday Lenders. We believe we can end police brutality in our Black community by organizing Black self-defense groups that are dedicated to defending our Black community from racist police oppression and brutality. He is a Next Generation Project Fellow, dynamic, international speaker, experienced entrepreneur, business development strategist and Founder/CEO of the Texas Business Alliance. “Come to the crib” was the command. The actions of the FBI weakened the Black Panther Party, especially after the arrest of many of their leaders – actions which subsequently led to the downfall of the organization. There is nothing wrong with that. Sixty of the rebelling prisoners were charged with felonies, including murder of the nine guards—who were, in fact, killed by law enforcement bullets. It is because some people, including some members of law enforcement, didn’t like the fact that Beyoncé chose to salute the Black Panthers during her Super Bowl halftime performance – during Black History Month. In response, Sun Times editor in chief Jim Hoge was motivated to visit the crime scene, coming straight from the opera to the apartment, dressed to the nines, his wife clad in an expensive fur. The First Major Novel of WWII: On Hemingway's, Five Great Books About the Korean Diaspora, Terry Tempest Williams on Samuel Beckett, Virginia Woolf, and Siding with the Grizzlies, Rubem Fonseca: Modernist Crime Fiction's Reluctant Star, The Unlikely Detectives: Unlicensed, Unqualified, and Fully Invested, Six Debut Novels You Should Read This October, Edward Gorey designed the sets for the 1970s Broadway run of. Why would members of law enforcement get so upset at Beyoncé’s acknowledgement of the Black Panthers before millions of people during a Super Bowl halftime show, that they would go so far as to refuse to offer her police protection when she comes to various cities to perform during her tour? Let’s get something straight here…Beyoncé was performing during Black History Month and had just dropped her new hit single the day before, so it is clear that Beyonce was looking to make a statement with both her music and her performance. And on December 4, 1969, I stood in his blood. We were looking at a murder scene. That September we became involved in an epic law enforcement murder case arising from the bloody assault at Attica Correctional Facility that killed 34 prisoners and nine guards. She is completing a book for Beacon Press, "New Age Racism and the Condemnation of Little B." The Black Panther Party was founded in Oakland, Calif., in 1966, in part to combat police brutality witnessed and experienced by its founders, Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. I would call this foolish statement unbelievable, but this is the type of thing that J. Edgar Hoover did to just about every Black organization or leader in America – including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who the FBI is on record as terrorizing with threats and wiretapping. Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, the founders of the Black Panthers, were inspired by Malcolm X’s words, “The time has come to fight back in self-defense whenever and wherever the black man is being unjustly and unlawfully attacked.”. If you would like to request Jeffrey as a speaker, you can reach him at, @2019 - Forward Times Publishing Co. All Right Reserved. While I was a jock and honor student in high school, Fred was an NAACP youth leader and organizer, spearheading demonstrations against segregated facilities in his high school and hometown. I was now working full-time at the PLO. We saw that there were in fact two holes, one of which went into the apartment rather than out. After I stopped at the law school to pull fellow student Jack Welsh out of class, we drove to the small west side Panther apartment known to us as “the chairman’s crib.” The car radio was blaring that the Panthers and the police had engaged in a shootout that would have done Al Capone proud. Our clients also included a revolutionary Puerto Rican organization, the Young Lords; a radical organization of white youth called Rising Up Angry; the Weatherman faction of the Students for a Democratic Society; and, most notably, the charismatic young chairman of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party, Fred Hampton. Starting that day, my comrades at the People’s Law Office (PLO) and I embarked on a 13-year legal battle—a crusade, no doubt—to uncover and expose the truth about that murderous raid. COINTELPRO, which was enacted for the intent “to expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit or OTHERWISE NEUTRALIZE,” as said in transcripts from official COINTELPRO FBI documents any political activist groups or individuals such as the Black Panther Party, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the Young Lords, and others. For posterity’s sake, I’ll reiterate the facts: The Black Panther Party was not a hate group. Hanrahan and the police had claimed that only one shot had penetrated the door, and that it had come from within, from a Panther gun. Are you kidding me? With the number of cases of police brutality and the continued murders of African American people by law enforcement officials across this country, it is important that we remember the Black Panther Party and share their message of self-empowerment and self-love to all Americans and all young people. The Panther defense team included Jeff Haas, Skip Andrew, our PLO mentor Dennis Cunningham, and an all-star lineup of Chicago defense lawyers. Some of the leaders of the uprising, including Frank “Big Black” Smith, were singled out for individual torture and abuse. His editors buried the story in the back pages, prompting Boyer to quit. As Carbondale was a university town, we were treated to a very sympathetic, multiracial jury that embraced the Panthers’ claims of self-defense, and, after a month-long trial, quickly acquitted the Panthers on trial of all charges. They also had Free Breakfast For Children Programs, and many other community outreach projects created for the advancement of oppressed communities. We went to the back door, found those marks, and discovered that they were nail heads. The skeptical Sun Times reporter, Brian Boyer, had visited the apartment and wrote a story that questioned Hanrahan’s version. On September 13, Rockefeller ordered the National Guard and New York State Police to attack. Fred and Peoria chapter chairman Mark Clark were dead, several of the seven survivors were wounded and hospitalized, and the others were in jail. We celebrated with the jury at a post-verdict party and learned that a young, white Vietnam veteran had demonstrated to his fellow jurors how the Panthers had defended themselves against the police attack. Officers of the law gave perjured testimony and fabricated evidence for the wrongful imprisonment of the Black Panther party members. The surviving Panthers had decided not to testify before the grand jury, and the report claimed that the jury’s decision not to indict was therefore the Panthers’ fault. Bobby Rush publicly laid the blame on the FBI and its director J. Edgar Hoover, whom Rush mocked as “J. Only 21 years old, Fred captivated the audience with his dynamic and analytical oratory, a mesmerizing intersection of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and a present-day hip-hop poet. In the process we established a narrative that documented the violent lengths that the US government, working with local police, would go to with the aim of crushing radical and revolutionary Black organizations and their leaders in the United States. Even to this day, if you go on the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) website, and go to their vault files, you will see the following false narrative about the Black Panther Party: The Black Panther Party (BPP) is a black extremist organization founded in Oakland, California in 1966. Jeffrey is a frequent contributor on the Nancy Grace Show and has a daily radio talk show called Real Talk with Jeffrey L. Boney. If you really want to know what the Black Panthers felt about law enforcement and police brutality, how about we simply read it for ourselves from their Ten-Point Program: We Want An Immediate End To Police Brutality And Murder Of Black People. Not only did the Black Panthers create their famous Free Breakfast Program that fed poor Black children whose families could not afford to do so, they also developed free medical research health clinics that provided basic health care for those who couldn’t afford it. This journey would galvanize our commitment to fighting for radical change and against racism and violence by law enforcement. Why though? In a moment that I will never forget, an older Black woman, touring the apartment, shook her head and said, “Ain’t nothin’ but a northern lynching.”, I needed to find out whether I could “be a lawyer and a human being at the same time.”, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), The Torture Machine: Racism and Police Violence in Chicago, The Forgotten Internment of Japanese Americans in Hawaii, Resisting the Obvious Design for a Book Cover, Elif Shafak on What It Means to Belong in Many Places at Once, Prince Was One of the Loneliest Souls I've Ever Met, How a Scrap of Papyrus Launched a Reconsideration of Early Christianity. The “Formation” performance that Beyoncé put on during Super Bowl 50 was amazing and deserved to be praised, as opposed to her being vilified. “Come to the crib” was the command. We want power to determine the destiny of our Black and oppressed communities” and other such requests. For posterity’s sake, I’ll reiterate the facts: The Black Panther Party was not a hate group. As I was trying to find myself in an alienating Ivy League college, Fred and former Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) leader Bobby Rush were organizing the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party.

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