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That we have a fraught relationship with victims, and victimhood, is not news. But could the specific charge of hypocrisy be addressed by admitting some asymmetry but then “quantifying” a reason for balancing the 9.5% likelihood against the much higher probability of the politician “being the right one”? [2] The probability that a man has committed a major crime is 20/1000 = 2%. Suddenly Biden’s not all that far from a rapist, liberals might as well be communists, and Baptists are practically the Taliban. Josh Mozersky points out his prior is “Pr(MA) = 0.02”. [4] Since, of 200 men who committed a minor crime, 19 have also committed a major crime, the probability that a man has committed a major crime given that he has committed a minor crime is 19/200 = 9.5%. The Electric Agora publishes essays, videos, reviews, and humorous pieces, lying at the intersection of philosophy, the humanities, science, and popular culture. I’m just thinking on the fly here, and it may seem more like early stages brainstorming for coding a (very crude) AI voter. Manne's most energetic, original contributions are best featured when she advances new, better ways of appreciating the impacts of misogyny on cultural self-understanding, such as when she coins the term himpathy to describe the tendency to express sympathy for men accused of misogyny rather than for women who accuse or did not survive to do so. “…is testimony an autonomous source of epistemic authority? Since none of us have any evidence as to whether Manne is deliberately lying or just reasoning badly, you’re smearing her when you label her as a “sleaze and smear merchant”. Like a good attorney she finds reasons to support her client’s narrative, although I am not claiming that she is being paid by Tara Reade. I would point out that – as Kant, Leibniz, Descartes, Plato, Aristotle, Putnam, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, and others all saw – one needs a metaphysical system of a rather particular character to support this principle, and contemporary science by and large rules out the possible candidates (I am just stating a view here, but I do have arguments). all|Philosophy Department Faculty|Ethics and Public Life Faculty. She found oppressed women, gays under arrest, the beginnings of a secret police, and anarchists – her own leftist team – slaughtered in the Ukraine. As far as I can see, you don’t. Her claim about evidence is not obviously wrong or absurd; the view is that the evidence is defeasible, i.e. Not liking somebody should lead one to more closely mark matters to market when out of character accusations appear. For you, it may be harmless, but many people think “it’s mathematics, it must be right”. That someone said so is not evidence. in political circles? So I read Kate Manne's Down Girl with the happy thought that the publication of her gratifying book enjoys extraordinarily good timing. Kate Manne has been teaching at the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University since 2013. There is a model in which the premise is true and you survive, but few people will bet on it. can be defeated by situational factors, but if no such factors exist in a case then testimony can be a reason to believe all by itself. “No, I’m not frustrated at all. Accuse 22 3 But I have solid proof that my intuition often is wrong. His primary interests are in the philosophy of science, philosophy of language, and metaphysics. I will go one step further, for reasons that will become apparent. all. Her more victim-centred account of what misogyny means is reminiscent of the good feminist practices of philosophical forerunners like Claudia Card, who described misogyny as "the term feminists apply to the most deeply hostile environments of and attitudes toward women and girls and to the cruelest wrongs to them/us, regardless of whether perpetrators harbor feelings of hatred... evils perpetrated with aggressive (often armed) use of force and violence against women.". So in 2011, I had a kidney and pancreas transplant. If there’s a solid argument you’ll die with 99,9 % probability when climbing K2 – it’s hard to believe you’ll try to climb it. https://theintercept.com/2020/06/11/the-abrupt-radical-reversal-in-how-public-health-experts-now-speak-about-the-coronavirus-and-mass-gatherings/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=The%20Intercept%20Newsletter. If you imagine a scenario in which you know someone well, trust him/her, have a good read on his/her character, know something about the situation that prompted the utterance, etc., then you may be inclined to take the assertion that P as evidence that P. It would be an error to suppose that absent all that context, or in a different one, it would still count as such. But what IF your numbers aren’t a valid description of reality? Manne tries to soften the blow: After all, we’re not contemplating convicting this man or taking away his civil liberties. So what does your statistical argument show? It is reasonable for A to conclude that B has likely committed a minor crime: the probability of that is 95%. This waffling really raises questions of credibility that the #MeToo Bernie (‘better, Elizabeth!’) leftists have trenchantly avoided. This 9.5% probability knocks me down to 70% maybe a bit lower.”. No, I’m not frustrated at all. Now, this is all presented without the arguments, so it may look like I am just “echoing the reductionist view”, but then again, isn’t that what Manne is doing, for the other side, so if it’s good enough for her…? 2) Why would one discount the accusation? Anyhow, I don’t understand what you mean when you write “I maintain that if an argument has a model in which its premises are true and its conclusion false, then it should be rejected.”. 'It would mean everything to me to be able to share my desserts with someone I love,' the 44-year-old confessed. Biden as a human being turns me off immensely and my first reaction to believe anything that is said against him, but when I reason a bit more, I’ll just simply say that I have no conclusion in this case as to who to believe. While not everyone who commits a major crime also commits a minor crime, it is very common: 19 of the 20 major criminals are also minor criminals. S.W: If I know someone is a serial liar and they have defrauded and exploited multiple folks then I wouldn’t consider them respectable under any circumstances. One factor may be that there’s a generational turnover in politics. This might be a bit boring for some readers, but Mozersky’s example is as follows, when expressed as a diagnostic test, If a definition of misogyny rules out a misogynist's loving being loved, then we need a better definition. It’s an article by Glenn Greenwald from the Intercept about how public health criteria suddenly changed when anti-racist and leftwing protesters took to the streets without social distancing. Ruined day: The 33-year-old said she was sick and slept most of her wedding day. I’ve tried to engage with her in good faith many times. He killed a man, too, so his hatred wasn't exclusive! It is odd. Thank you so much for this. see for example here, Major+ Major- Can Psychologists Tell Us Anything About Morality. Suppose that there are 1000 men in the country and that 200 of them have committed ‘minor crimes’, things like shoplifting or turnstile jumping. I heard enough to convince me that K has a lot to hide. Okay, but Manne’s argument remains invalid no matte what numbers you plug in, so it plays no role in establishing its conclusion, even if the conclusion is true. 'I'm just putting my chocolate pop-rocks. But you don’t. Finally, pace the final sentence in the quotation above, what is serious is what Biden is accused of, not the accusation itself. jyvurentropy accuses the left of hypocrisy in the Biden case, and the reasons are clear. Manne’s assumption is quite clear from the beginning, while yours are hidden behind the numbers you plug in. My objection to what Manne did — and does — is expressible in ordinary language, in about a paragraph. In fact, I don’t necessarily dislike people with whom I disagree with politically. Same with this case. With absences like Card's, I occasionally felt some resistance to Manne's suggestion that when she began writing, no article-length treatment of the nature of misogyny existed. I don’t think it should have even received a hearing of any sort.

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