json vs xml serialization

If you prefer an "opt-in" approach, decorate the class with the DataContract attribute. Microsoft also began promoting advanced JavaScript techniques with its AJAX toolkit. Sometimes data is semantic in nature. How do we handle both? As shown with the telephone example, and with Longden’s xml:lang example, since XML is represented by nodes and node lists with text and attributes, adding additional data is as simple as tacking on a node, but in JSON, how do you extend a key/value property where the value type is an integer or a decimal? By default, all public properties and fields are included in the serialized JSON. Some will argue that this is the result of more libraries targeting XML than JSON, but XML was founded along with technologies like XPath, XQuery, and XSLT on the basis of data processing, retrieval and transformation. To omit a property or field, decorate it with the JsonIgnore attribute. If you find yourself creating or using functionality in JSON that is a duplicate of functionality already available to XML, then why not just use XML to begin with? XML can be extended in an almost trivial fashion through new tag elements, new attributes, and namespaces, but extending JSON is difficult outside of adding new key/value properties. realy great job on showing the diffrences but im not sure its a good practice to use different serialization framework on different … No longer is it a simple object path like exam[0].answer, but instead an array of answers. JSON doesn't use end tag; JSON is shorter; JSON is quicker to read and write; JSON can use arrays; The biggest difference is: XML has to be parsed with an XML parser. Also, the object-oriented nature of the JSON data, once parsed into JavaScript, is a great way to traverse data. Most who promote JSON mention that the size of the data is smaller than XML, but if processing using advanced libraries, you're adding additional size to the web application, even if it gets cached after the first run. XML formatting is provided by the XmlMediaTypeFormatter class. To preserve object references in XML, you have two options. Object references are not standard in JSON. In JSON, you would have to modify it like this: The first thing to notice is that we changed how the data needs to be accessed. "Opt in" approach: Properties and fields are not serialized by default. If two properties refer to the same object, or if the same object appears twice in a collection, the formatter will serialize the object twice. Frameworks like jQuery might have made things a little too easy. Consider using XmlSerializer if you need to match an existing XML schema. You can remove the JSON formatter or the XML formatter from the list of formatters, if you do not want to use them. In fact, JSON is optimized for JavaScript and works natively within the language (as actual JavaScript objects, including arrays, functions, etc. SGML, and subsequently XML, were meant as markup that was both human and machine readable. By default, the JSON and XML formatters write all objects as values. 2. XML, however, just has nodes and attributes, and as a result, won’t require such client changes unless you add additional structure. JSON doesn't have this internal markup ability, and instead, one would be forced to create additional key/value pairs to spell out the instructions. This is not meant to be comprehensive documentation of the Json.NET library; for more information, see the Json.NET Documentation. In ASP.NET Web API, a media-type formatter is an object that can: Web API provides media-type formatters for both JSON and XML. Invoking this action will cause the formatter to throw an exception, which translates to a status code 500 (Internal Server Error) response to the client. JSON is used to store information in an organized, and easy-to-access manner. Then you don't need to parse the data yourself, and you get the benefits of model validation.

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