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Fan Xian went to look for the cook, who he found gagged and tied up at his house. Fan Xian asked him even if there were corruption involved? The Southern Qing entourage started moving out when they stopped for Dou Dou, who was waiting at the layby. Xiao En was a legend. After the audience with the king the Crown Prince and Princess Royal agreed to join forces to kill Fan Xian. They had to promise it with their life. The choreography of Wu Zhu’s fight was divine. Dou Dou told Shen Zheng to release both Fan Xian and Yan Bingyun by the order of the emperor and the empress dowager. Shen Zhong said that Fan Xian was too late. The Second Prince was so shocked and annoyed but he has a cast alibi because he and Xie Bin were with Fan Xian in the morning of the killing and would have had no time to race to another town to kill Lin Dong. Lang Tao’s grand-standing was interrupted by Dou Dou, who appealed to the Empress D that she should be the one to challenge Fan Xian to find out whether he was really in love with her. It was beautifully filmed, beautiful acting and the script was very taut. Fan Xian was so annoyed at Guo Baokun, he sort of covered him with a sack that beat him really well. . The Prime Minister said that Wan’er and Fan Xian had nothing to do with the death of Lin Dong. So heavily that Fan Xian fell dead drunk. That was more worrying that frequently visiting him. And that is how his story ended which shocked and surprised Professor Yue who was reading Fan Xian’s manuscript. Fan Xian promised to help him when he learned that Teng Ziying did not kill the couple even when he had a chance. He was assured that it was more than a hundred and everyone was happy. He said that he hoped Fan Xian would continue on with literature. Zhu Ge stopped the prince by telling him that it was an edict from the emperor that Royal Family should not be involved in the investigation unit. But Fan Xian was quite crafty and logical. Them emperor looked at Cheng Ping Ping and commented that didn’t Chen Ping Ping also sees Fan Xian as his own son? Then there were the fight scenes as well with Lord Yan and General Shang Shanhu, who came to rescue Xiao En. He tried to follow the trail and met the Second Prince who tried to give him Mr Xie, an expert swordsman to help him with his mission to avenge Teng Ziying. Zheng Qing reckons that everyone should cherish the present and to live for happiness. It was too late do to stop Shang Shan Hu trying to rescue Xiao En from prison, thereby fighting with Shen Zhong. He told Wu Zhu to get his own life, find something he wanted to do and live his own life. He can’t fathom why the President/Dean would send the Black Knight to help out Fan Xian. Shen Zhong declined but looked worriedly at his sister. Xiao En slowly tried to touch/push the door opened but it retreated mysteriously. Ku He had a try and the temple move just out of their way. Fan Xian said that he did the dissolute behaviour to force the engagement with Lin Wan’er to be broken. Wen Zhu was not an official martial artist but very natural. And then he died. Fan Xian was intrigued especially after he had been tasked to kill Xiao En, who may know more about his mother. Shadow, Cheng Ping Ping guard, came to get Fan Xian to help out with protecting Cheng Ping Ping. There is an effervescence to it, a real joy to watch despite the many goings-on that the hero had to encounter. After an awkward start, the Prime Minister said that Fan Xian should marry Waner immediately. Shen Zhong, however, had so many soldiers behind him so Shang Shan Hu soldiers had to beg Shang Shan Hu to get away and revenge them one day. Yan Rouhai, the Head of the Fourth Bureau of Investigation was not particularly enamored of Fan Xian but had told Zhu Ge to leave things well alone. Chen Ping Ping told the Prime Minister that he had a right to change his mind of marrying Wan’er to Fan Xian. As to the young son of Tian Ziying, Fan Xiao will personally hunt the Second Prince and kill him. Borne from their distrust of one another was mutual respect. It was an eventful journey. Until there was only Lin Dong who tried to bribe Wu Zhu with fame and fortune but Wu Zhu just stabbed him with his sword. Bingyun had told Lady Shen that he will allow her to enter his heart if she can bring him the head of her brother, Shen Zhong. And the crux of the matter was that Fan Xian will be all on his own with his mission. It was only Si Lili who knew that he had been invited by the Second Prince to the Drunken Immortal Tavern. The Empress Dowager was beginning to see that Princess Royal may have some point but still, the marriage was an edict from the Emperor. She was what she was no pretensions and artifice. Wan’er seemed to suffer from consumption. It was Si Li Li who immediately confessed of her feelings for him. Fan Xian woke up at the Fan manor the next morning to learn that Ling Dong had left the Capital for destination – unknown. It was for a poetry appreciation. The marriage will go on. Everything that he believed in was all part of a plan to find out the big SECRET from Xiao En of the mythical TEMPLE. At last Fan Xian found out that Wan’er was a chicken leg girl and in return Wan-er finally knew that her pageboy was none other than her betrothed Fan Xian. Fan Xian’s reenforcement had arrived in the person of Haitang Duo Duo. He also told Fan Xian to leave him in the cave and not to bother burying him. There might be a brewing problem for Fan Xian because he met up with the Second Prince, who the crown prince did not get on with as they were both vying for the throne.

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