is tamil a tonal language

So you don't 'watch' a movie in Chinese, you 'go to' a movie.On the upside, with a language that has been broken down into its bare minimum on componants, learning it takes about six months (with regular practice. The Hmong language, spoken in China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, can have seven or even eight tones.

It will transport you to heaven on earth. Imagine if their Bollywood films were like this but no because even singers like Lata, Kumar etc have learned Urdu pronunciation well so "Hindi" movies and songs can be understood by Urdu speakers. I read all of these comments, and some might take offense to it. Good job my brainwashed slavo-Bulgarian friends.

Except for the seven noun cases and the overabundance of "z"s, it's a beautiful language once you learn the phonetics and grammar and can speak fluidly (yes, fluidly, not fluently, although that is the goal). The tone-language counterpart to the new all-emoji translation of Moby-Dick, for example, would have been a language created by a Frenchman in … Germanic people would not even love there country, or reveal their flag until their world cup victory in 2014. I'm shocked at the sheer ignorance and hatred of some people towards this highly passionate language and its people. Absolutely nothing. It’s dazzling, really. He continued speaking Vietnamese on his mobile which totally pissed me off. I don't get people who want to learn it in high school instead of Spanish or French, especially for reasons like "it's logical" or "it's the mother of all languages". Hungarian is a lot worse than Finnish or Korean or the other languages rated higher on this list - just try sitting in a bus full of gurgling and whining Hungarian speakers, and see if you come back sane. It is a very weird and confusing language to a native English speaker, especially when they are 15. Why one syllable spoken at different pitches can have seven meanings. When Muslims entered India as traders, they needed language for communication, both Hindus and Muslims of the northern India created Urdu as a derivation from Hindi and Punjabi with Arabic script.

What type is Tamil language? I'm 100% Vietnamese and I must say that Viet grammars suck. Can someone correct me if that's wrong? French is spoken much more more around the world than Spanish and by much more of the developed world. So it became more simple because too many people that these Slavs absorbed can't speak the proper Slavic language so this is now Bulgarian. Quite frankly, the harshest sounding language in the world. YOU! Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by over 100 million native speakers worldwide, making it the 11th most widely spoken language in the world. Like how do you expect me to grow up when EVERYTHING IS IN English. Tone is often compared to pitch in music. That said, sorry but I just dislike the way Arabic sounds.

Every language has its own swear words. Tamil is unpleasant to the ear. They are all one language, English.

(Then stupid poetry, and some little inventions in the medicine field) why the hell do you waste your time learning it then? Side by side look at similarities and differences for things like writing system, script(s) used, total number of speakers, noun declensions, no. Let's get something straight. Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 - Chapter 1: Founding Provisions states "A Pan South African Language Board established by national legislation must promote and ensure respect for Tamil" along with other minority languages. :^).

English speakers, for example, can raise their tone at the end of a sentence to indicate that it’s a question (it’s also part of a phenomenon called upspeak).

It's the most difficult language to learn. See also Indian literature. Zee T.V. French would sound way better if the spelling and pronunciation was more similar to Italian or Spanish. When a verb becomes neceesary, it's always 'have' or 'go.'

In his spare time, he enjoys reading and getting angry about things on. Also, so what if it "spans cultures and dialects"? Each character can have as many as 13 different meanings. That said, tone is just another aspect of a language, and it’s not necessarily harder than mastering another language’s grammatical system. They are not a quiet but ever boisterous people. The tone-language counterpart to the new all-emoji translation of Moby-Dick, for example, would have been a language created by a Frenchman in the 1820s called Solresol, which was based solely on musical tones. I'm not kidding, saying this to someone about their language and religion will prompt them to kill themselves! Has no twist to it, yet very convenient as a second language for connecting with people worldwide, although not a nice language to have as a first language, its just bland. How can a natural process create a near-perfect geometric shape as the most prominent feature of a planet? The world is managed by a prevalent language named English. I'm slovak and this language is hard for me enough! Gehen (go) Borussia Dortmund! Why there and not elsewhere? I saw others countries test paper and their sentences were short, get straight to the point, no confusing or headache trying to solve the sentence instead of the question. In Burmese, these contrasts involve not only pitch, but also phonation, intensity (loudness), duration, and vowel quality. is Tamil? Atlas Obscura Singaporean English is Almost Impossible to Pick Up Urvija Banerji 2 May 2016 Wah lao! both lived at the same time but wrote in completely different ways. My mood plummets every time I hear my mom speak Vietnamese. Tamil literature, body of writings in Tamil, a Dravidian language of India and Sri Lanka. Check our compilation of Best Language Courses.. 6 Best + Free Tamil Language Courses & Classes [2020] That is, one tends to say “pay” a little higher than one says “bay.” In daily life that’s so subtle as to be barely noticeable: What stands out is the good old difference between p and b. Updates? Haha shakespeare isn't old English! As tone languages go, Mandarin is by no means the most complicated. Each language treats tone differently. of countries spoken in and more. I speak a bit of Mandarin. Why isn't Star Trek: Discovery produced in 4K? You can't even speak in Mandarin (or Chinese for that matter) without looking like an imbecile, an idiot or an unlikeable person. Apart from literature written in classical (Indo-Aryan) Sanskrit, Tamil is the oldest literature in India.

Look if you want to learn it for business reasons. Please, give a try to learn arabic if it seems too hard just think as that many people failed to learn but you can do it. The best word to describe Vietnamese is gurgling, but not the pleasant river-like gurgling -more like the kind of a sound you'd hear a frog make before choking on its own saliva. Can you imagine trying to distinguish between someone saying "I have the books" and "do you have the books? " They actually have to have their movies subtitled because of ...more. These languages generally have two tone distinctions, say a high and a low. Does an impossible value on a Confidence Interval for a probability distribution contain information? Often I have been berated by black Americans the moment they find out I am mixed since I do not speak 'like a black person'. English is 56% Germanic, not Latin. Bro trust me, try to learn something in French (like physics, or maths) and you will realize it's completely dumb. Who speaks Tamil in the world like Tamilnadu in India, Tamileelam in srilanka, Singapore, malaysiya, malathivu etc.We have to encourage to others to learn Tamil. Hey, guys. It doesn't get to the point or what it trying to say. of countries spoken in and more. We have that much narrow brains to go on making a list about the worst languages in the world. I speak it and even I think it sounds awful, I live with a Vietnamese mom and dad that would speak it all day. Uggg, it sounds like someone made this language by bashing a feral cat around by the tail inside of a barrel fire.The only thing that can make it worse is if a high pitched young woman is talking to other high pitched young women and they get all excited about something stupid. The term "Old English" does NOT mean "English that is old"; it refers to the language that English originated from, which is often called "Anglo-Saxon", as it was spoken by the Angles and the Saxons. Slovak is very similar, but sounds so much nicer. Know the facts before posting things that are not true. It is the official language of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the union territory of Puducherry. “To merlion” in Singlish means to puke everywhere. The terminology can be a bit confusing, because “pitch” and “tone” are used in both language and music. European Spanish culture (I've never been lucky enough to visit South America) is so interesting, traditional, vibrant and exciting! I recently reacted terribly towards the Vietnamese because of something this Vietnamese customer did to me at work. While it's true english had words derivated from this langauge and 5 languages have evolved from it, none of the 5 languages (exception is romanian because it's the natal language and I know it) are langauges I wanna learn unfortunately. That said, tone is just another aspect of a language, and it’s not necessarily harder than mastering another language’s grammatical system. It's a dead language. While in American English, it's just one word. This article was most recently revised and updated by, I am not against black people, almost all that I know are completely normal people. Corrections? Languages are classified according to tones, stress, pitch etc. The language also has an annoying, whining tone to it, and that makes it sound like the people speaking it would be constantly complaining.

I am realyy disappointed in humanity. Imagine: “Brother” is “prother,” “bat” is “pat,” “big” is “pig.” Things like that happen in languages all the time, and if it happened to English, then instead of “pay” and “bay” there would just be “pay” and “pay”—except there would still be that difference in the tone. How Hard Is It To Learn A Tonal Language? But if you want to play an actor as mafia guy, ok, you'll just look a loser. And there is the good and the bads everywhere so stop the being so judgy when u know nothing. Nonetheless, it is not an easy language to learn. The sad part is that 75 million people use this repulsive language. These include Norwegian, Serbo-Croatian, Japanese, Filipino, Swedish and Ancient Greek. Korean is pleasant to listen to.The problem I have had learning Korean is just me. because there is no chance of misguidance on this beautiful language it is religious language with no hurting word in it.. yeah it is lil difficult for learning the accent and grammar, I love it. Still, if someone speaks in a monotone in English, other English-speakers can easily understand. To all who say that French is the world's language (as I see some uneducated fools bragging with that) Get here. The jury is still out on that one, but even if it turns out to be true, it only gets us so far.

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