how big was the edmund fitzgerald

#3 McSorley and Cooper took "a" northern route not "the" northern route. The November storm hit and the crew of the Fitz battled through 70 knot winds and 30 foot waves. The Fitzgerald had clearance from the U.S. Coast Guard to sail one last trip (the fatal trip) before requiring a much needed drydocking, which would have probably put her out for the rest of the ice free season. It's true a ship makes no money sitting still but it sure as hell makes none at the bottom of the lake either. One of the worst seas I’ve ever been in.”, Avafors: “If I’m correct, you have two radars.”. Last year, after leading their own research and investigation into the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, including simulating the actual weather and sea conditions, Canadians Mike Fletcher and his son Warren concluded that a rogue wave delivered the final blow to an already damaged ship. Before it was sunk, the ship transported taconite iron ore to iron works located in Toledo, Detroit and other ports in Great Lakes from the mines located nearby Duluth, Minnesota. JavaScript is disabled. As it was in the 1970's shipping companies like Oglebay Norton and Columbia Star (the companies that shared ownership/operation of the Fitzgerald) where suffering from a tight budget, the Fitz needed some major repairs and the Coast Guard wouldn't let her sail through the worst part of the Great Lakes shipping season, by this time the AAA class of ships like the Phillip R. Clark, the Anderson and....there is another one but I can't remember the name off the top of my head where carrying more ore and other cargo and the last cargo record the Fitz broke was 4 or 5 years previous (I posted it somewhere here, but I can't find it.). He along with his crew were listening to the Fitz and the Anderson talking as they sailed across the lake. Paquette had been watching this storm for 2 days and knew what was coming. Facts about Edmund Fitzgerald present the information about an American Green Lakes freighter. It had 29 crew during its sinking on 10 November 1975 due to a storm in Lake Superior. At that point he slows it down and if the straining is still present it's time to sit this one out a while. Hope you and I can continue our chat about this is my favourite shipwreck.
It may be possible that the Fitz was slated for serious work at the end of the 1975 season and that is why they were going to make it her last trip. #6 I don't think it makes any difference what company you work for. The Fitzgerald had clearance from the U.S. Coast Guard to sail one last trip (the fatal trip) before requiring a much needed drydocking, which would have probably put her out for the rest of the ice free season. Across Lake Superior today, people remember the storm, travelers between Wawa and the Soo remember that the waves washed across the causeway at Havilland Bay. Queen of the Lakes The Fateful Night Legacy "As the big freighters go, it was bigger than most"-Gordon Lightfoot, 1976. About 4:39 PM -The Fitzgerald cannot pick up the Whitefish Point radio beacon. A severe storm occurred on Lake Superior and caught both ships. Unclear. The Fitzgerald radios the Coast Guard station at Grand Marais on Channel 16, the emergency channel. Edmund Fitzgerald was very popular among the boat watchers due to its record-breaking performance, DJ captain, and big size. The largest ship, which sunk in the Great Lakes, was Edmund Fitzgerald. LIstening to the comments of McSorley, he knew he was in trouble. #2 It may be common practice to leave the loading dock before the hatch covers are in place but not to ring for full speed ahead and sail off with storm warnings on the air. He made the decision along with Captain Jessie Cooper on the Arthur M Anderson to ignore the storm warnings and sail the shortest route to Whitefish bay. Roger Blough was not among the ships in Whitefish Bay the CG contacted. Will you stay by me til I get to Whitefish?”, C.C. It wasn't even put on display yet and I have my picture sitting beside it....a picture I very much treasure. The official air traffic control call sign of the US Air force aircraft used to take the US president, Facts about Delhi Metro talk about a metro system in India. > Hi Erik To resume our conversation about the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald allow me to add this. The ship sank in Ontario waters with the depth of 160 metres or 530 feet after 7:10 pm. All this when he knew that the Fitz was suffering from a loose keel.....amazing. The Fitzgerald reestablishes contact on 22. Edmund Fitzgerald Facts.

The Fitzgerald reestablishes contact on 22. Tonight at 7 p.m., Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team Sault Sainte Marie will toll the raised bell of the Edmund Fitzgerald 29 times for each man who perished on her 44 years ago today. After that, lighthouse staff will toll the bell once more — a 30th time — to remember all lost mariners. All crew were vanished. All th more reason for him to be cautious of her in a storm. They were able to do this because they were damn fine masters and smart enough to be where they were suppose to be with the seas running the way they wanted them to be that night. The SS Fitzgerald carried taconite iron ore from the mines near Duluth, Minnesota to the iron works in Detroit, Toledo, and to other ports as well. Find facts about cruise ship here. Please note that I don't confess to be an expert on ships or storms, I am just quoting from the things I have read about the Fitz. In the history of Great Lakes shipping, the sinking of Edmund Fitzgerald is the best-known one. #1 McSorley and Cooper had quartering seas.....not a following sea....and it twisted and bent those ships especially the Fitz which was already wounded by this time. Have you checked down?”, Anderson: “Fitzgerald, we are about 10 miles behind you, and gaining about 1 1/2 miles per hour. They receive an answer by Woodard of the saltwater vessel Avafors. They are about 10 miles behind the Fitzgerald. On the afternoon of 9 November 1975, Edmund Fitzgerald sailed from Superior, Wisconsin will a full cargo of ore pellets. Can you provide me with radar plots till we reach Whitefish Bay?” Get facts about EasyJet here. They never did speak later…The 29 men on board the Fitzgerald will never again speak with anyone outside of the ship. Gordon Lightfoot's song "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" (1976, Moose Music, Ltd.) is a tribute to this ship wreck and the men who lost their lives.Some of the lyrics of the song are given below along with descriptions of related events.

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