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And delivered from the hands of the enemy. This work, premiered on 23rd August 2014 (the exact centenary) depicts the drama between the angel, the soldiers and the … There are moments in military history that forever alter the flow of human events.

In 2001, an article in The Sunday Times claimed that a diary, film and photographic evidence proving the existence of the Angels of Mons from a World War I soldier named William Doidge had been found. & Glory To Thee My God This Night. Arthur Machen was basically a jobbing journalist and fiction writer in London in the early years of the last century.
Some Tommies swore it had been St. George, the warrior saint of England. The retreat and the battle were rapidly perceived by the British public as being a key moment in the war. During the retreat, some soldiers swore that they had seen the face of the patron saint of England. Click image to read my short story 'Changed' in The Cynic Online Magazine. Long roads and heavy loads

The story was published in The London Evening News and, despite Machen’s insistence that it was purely imaginary, rapidly became regarded as true and the centre of the ‘Angel of Mons’ legend that has persisted to this day.

Trust in the Lord. I saw it myself.”, Captain Hayward, an intelligence officer with British I Corps, referred to the Angels of Mons as “four or five wonderful beings,” robed in white, who faced the German lines in brilliant sunlight with hands upraised to halt the advancing enemy. “He was,” Begbie wrote, “definitely conscious of a supernatural presence.” The soldier in question was a Grenadier Guards NCO, hardly a type given to hysteria and delusion. He shall give his angels charge over thee: To God and right entrusting. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Over the miles, from the Swiss frontier to the Belgian fortress of Liege, the armies clashed and the casualties mounted. Glory to thee, my God, this night They are new every morning: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The article discussed Doidge’s involvement with an American GI and an angel seen years later in Woodchester Mansion. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He shall redeem his people. You need not be incredulous. The Angels of Mons’ story is associated with the 8th infantry brigade of the 3rd division of the British Army. For a faithful guardian and guide. Despite the censorship going on in Britain at the time, this battle was the first indication the British public had that defeating Germany would not be as easy as some had thought. A British division commander, tears in his eyes, paid them the ultimate compliment: “The Germans may be able to kill them, but by God they can’t beat them.” But the Germans were coming on in such overwhelming numbers that rifles and courage could not hold them any longer. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Nor grieve the children of men. Well-meaning clergymen and physicians made wise and condescending remarks about hysteria, battle fatigue, and fear. Perhaps.

Wait for the Lord, Because his compassion fails not. Forgive me, Lord, for thy dear Son, As for Machen himself, he was associated with the story for the rest of his life and grew sick of the connection, since he regarded The Bowmen as a poor piece of work. As England’s white cliffs sail from sight

Volunteers by veterans led The light became brighter and I could see quite distinctly three shapes, one in the center having what looked like outspread wings.

Each of the six movements can be performed separately including Out of the Depths which featured on Patrick’s Number-One-selling album ‘Angel’. In 2000 the BBC produced a series called Ghost Stories for Christmas, with Christopher Lee in which Lee played M R James reading four of his own stories. An Englishwoman nursing in France wrote of a wounded Lancashire Fusilier who asked her for a religious medal. 6731 Whittier Avenue, Suite C-100 McLean, VA 22101, From Tolkien to Hitler: Famous Soldiers of World War I, The Battle for Omaha Beach: The Men of the D-Day Invasion, Napoleon Bonaparte’s Last Campaign: The Battle of Waterloo, Operation Barbarossa: World War II’s Eastern Front, The Battle of Gettysburg: Turning Point of the American Civil War. The “luminous cloud” between Germans and British appeared again, and the Bath Society Paper quoted an extract from an officer’s letter: “I myself saw the angels who saved our left wing from the Germans during the retreat from Mons. Duty’s done. Teach me to live, that I may dread Smith-Dorrien’s two divisions, stretched thin over 21 miles, found themselves attacked by two German corps, with another closely approaching and still another on the way. The man said he and his comrades had been trapped in a quarry by German cavalry, when suddenly angels lined the edge of the quarry and the Germans broke into panicked flight. All through the morning of August 26 and into the afternoon, Smith-Dorrien’s troops held up the German steamroller with their deadly riflefire. His bitterness is perhaps understandable – he made little money from the story, either at the time or later.

Nobody was quite sure where the Germans’ main stroke would fall. First time commenters are moderated. He referred to another occasion on which “the sky opened with a bright shining light and figures of luminous beings appeared.”.
By the end of the war it became unpatriotic, even treasonable, to doubt the claims were based on fact.

Hard-pressed English soldiers swore they had seen angels, ghostly archers—or even St. George himself—riding to their aid near Mons in World War I. O may my soul on thee repose, ( Log Out /  During this battle more than a hundred British soldiers claim to have witnessed the vision of an angel which guided them to safety. Most bizarrely of all, veterans of the battle subsequently lent support to Machen’s story, ensuring that the apparent visions took on a legendary quality both during and after the war. On the men. For years he lived in a shabby rented room, churning out articles and short stories until he accidentally found  fame with his story about cut-off British troops being rescued from the Germans by a ghostly St George and his archers from Agincourt. except final verse which is a prayer from the Orthodox litany. An interesting postscript to the legend occurred at the dawn of this century. They were winged like angels, and as they hovered in the gathering darkness, the Germans inexplicably halted and the British slipped away to safety. It arose from a belief during the Great War that a miracle had happened during the British Army’s first desperate clash with the advancing Germans at Mons in Belgium. It changed the world more than any other single event in history. Through cheering crowds they’re marching. There, on Sunday, August 23, Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien’s II Corps took on the German juggernaut along the Conde Canal.

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