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Is he the reason why there was no Power Tower in episode one? The family was going through a tough time in their lives, and the mood in their home was very solemn. However, sometimes these dreams turn to nightmares, and this single mom ended up getting evicted. The once beautiful home is now nearly empty and the moving van is full. Advertisement . Finally, she and her kids had the dream home they so deserved. Want to use LittleThings' editorial content? Sadly for Arlene and her boys, they have been affected by the increase in property value. It was not long before an eviction notice came in the mail. The Nickless family had a little more time in their home, and someone close to them decided to have one last roll of the dice. Soon, hundreds of neighbors were pitching in to help as the professionals turned her 3,200-square-foot Michigan house into a gorgeous and functional living space. “The reality is that people who do need help are getting help,” Patricia L. Glaser said, adding, “one of the reasons the show is successful is that the American people like to see people get help.”. He's still writing and publishing it today. Tim had sadly contracted an illness after coming into contact with some contaminated medical supplies. The great thing about the ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ that Arlene and her family featured on was the sense of community. Arlene’s family got the same treatment, and each of her sons had their very own, and very personal, bedroom. Arlene was involved in quite a serious car accident, and on top of her bills for the house, she now also had to find the money for her medical and car repair bill. The Nickless’ were chosen for the TV show after Arlene’s husband died suddenly. She decided it was time to find some answers, and figure out why she had to keep spending so much money. Due to restrictions, this video cannot be viewed in your region. But now, nine years later, she has been evicted. “I tried to work with the mortgage company, but my efforts were shoved under the carpet.”. The costs had continued to rise over the years, and Arlene was constantly fighting against the tide. Fox's Masked Singer season four is filming, and will have viewer voting for the first time. If the company would rent the home out for around 15 days per year, then the families living in them could avoid paying the taxes. more stories about Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. But now, nine years later, she has been evicted. While that was still nothing to turn your nose up at, this wasn’t going to be the life-changing kind of money that the Nickless family needed. “If you’re passing a program along as a reality program and representing it to be real, live emotions that are being displayed at any particular time, but you have to keep reshooting it, there’s something very not real about it,” Patrick A. Mesisca Jr. said. One problem for the neighbors who help to put the ‘Extreme Makeover’ builds together is what happens afterward. They were expecting to move out of the property in May 2017, and every avenue they explored to try and stay there proved to be fruitless. Unsubscribe any time! While she struggled to raise their three children, her story touched the hearts of the ABC producers. A way around forcing larger fees on the residents was to make the house a rental home, as the taxed didn’t apply. Together with her husband Tim, Arlene was very close to getting to the end of her payments on the house when the ‘Extreme Makeover’ team arrived on her doorstep. However, while people from outside the show may feel this way, the presenter, Ty Pennington, has another point of view. What began as a lovely gesture from the TV show and her neighbors, became a constant source of stress, and Arlene began to worry about her family. The family’s total was well short of the required amount, and it only raised $2,715. The Higgins family claimed the show never gave them the promised house, and the home was only built for the Leomitis’. A story about Mark Burnett's "string of flops" revealed the fate of Eco-Challenge Patagonia, the planned second season of the show. You Should Know This. The great thing about the ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ that Arlene and her family featured on was the sense of community. They put a lot of effort into welcoming these people and helping them, only to see them disappear not long after. Still, it gave the mom a little bit more time to see if she could find a way to stay in their home. However, there didn’t appear to be a fairy tale ending for Arlene and her family. Nine years ago, Arlene Nickless had her home rebuilt on national TV. Once more, Arlene was unable to raise the required amount of money to buy her home, so the property went up for auction. “The sheriff could show up anytime,” she said. The show claims to have scaled back its builds to ensure the people living in their homes are able to afford staying there afterward. As more than a few people have had trouble paying for their homes after ‘Extreme Makeover’ rolled into town, many believe the show could do more to help struggling families. After spending years making memories in their family home, it was time for the Nickless family to start packing up their things. Single mom wins dream home on ‘Extreme Makeover’ but ends up getting evicted. The show builds dream homes for people, but unfortunately for some, it is no longer the forever home they first thought it would be. While Arlene wasn’t paying, the company continued paying the taxes and insurance on her home. At first, Arlene was able to afford the mortgage. But over the years, property taxes tripled. “They can take away the house but they can't take away the memories.”. Arlene’s home had become neglected since Tim had passed away, so this makeover was coming at just the right time for the family. She had been paying extortionate amounts, and the company didn’t even have any data to show for it.

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