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Boosted Seamless Coverage: Achieve seamless whole-home coverage with a clearer and stronger whole-home Wi-Fi signal generated by Wi-Fi 6.

TP-Link’s latest offering, the AX3000 Deco X60 mesh router system, is a jack of all trades. At $549, you’re not only paying for improved WiFi coverage but also gaining security and customization functions. If you’ve always wanted a HUAWEI Watch GT 2 (and there are three of them: the original GT 2, the more affordable GT 2e, and... You have entered an incorrect email address! TP-Link’s latest offering, the Deco X60 AX3000 WiFi 6 Mesh Router system, is a jack of all trades and a product for majority of the people. Afterwards, the remaining set up was all completed through the TP-Link Deco app. InWin Unveils Latest PC Cases, AIO Liquid Coolers And Fans At CES . Once your mesh system is up and running, all maintenance is handled through the app.
Starts at AED 999 an is available across all official channels. TP-Link Deco X60 offers a bevy of great features to the user, all packed within the TP-Link Deco app. TP-Link also includes its HomeCare security within the app. A price of £420 might sound a lot but the Deco X60 is decent value for a Wi-Fi 6 mesh system. Opening up the TP-Link Deco X60 box, I was quite surprised at how minimalistic the Deco units were.
I have reviewed quite a few routers now, but to date, only the painfully expensive Netgear Orbi RBK850 mesh W-Fi 6 system which costs £969.99 for the three-pack (RBK853) and £700 for the two-pack system I reviewed (RBK852). Rather than bounce you between access points as you travel around your home, the Deco will switch you between the best band automatically. The simplicity aspect stood out the most to us, as the setup process can be done with a smartphone. Receive our monthly tech and gaming newsletter.

One thing to keep in mind during set up is the satellite locations and the thickness of the walls In between. Vlad Fomin; May 03, 2020; #Featured #Reviews #Router Reviews #Routers #Tech Reviews #TP Link. With the TP-Link system, you need to have an account with them, whereas some systems work without accounts. The look of the physical device also keeps with the same simplicity aspect, providing a clean design that could be mistaken for a large candle (that can be a good thing in a home where a router that looks like a large spider is not ideal). With file transfers, I did have some inconsistent results but all of these still exceeded what you are likely to achieve with a normal Wi-Fi 5 connection with speeds over 750Mbps. What it is, however, is a product for majority of the people. TP-Link also provides a two-pack, covering up to 5000 square feet. It does not stand out in either one of those areas, but it is not meant to. Following the instructions given on the box, the first order of business was downloading the TP-Link Deco app and creating a TP-Link account.

However, our testing has shown a drop in download speed of about 10-15% of a satellite unit versus the main, as compared to the non-Wi-Fi 6 Mesh system, but rather your average router with a separate booster, which can be as high as 40%.

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