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Good little ensemble cast. Action, Comedy, Crime. A good way to end a Conan movie marathon, even if it isn’t an official Conan movie. Honestly, we expected Hercules' score to be even lower, though with 17% from critics and 27% from audiences, it has still earned its spot on Arnold's worst list. A-Rod’s Reaction to World Series Game 4 Almost Makes Us Want to Watch Baseball, Whether as a vengeful ghost or a noxious version of herself, Adele has a great time playing — and memorably breaking — on the. Raw Deal is 1986 American action film directed by John Irvin, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger,... Pumping Iron is a 1977 docudrama about the world of bodybuilding, focusing on the 1975 IFBB... End of Days is a 1999 American action fantasy horror thriller film directed by Peter Hyams... Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is a 2003 American science fiction action film, directed by... Live Action Movies With The Best CGI Effects. Twins is a 1988 comedy film, produced and directed by Ivan Reitman about unlikely twins who... Eraser is a 1996 American action film directed by Chuck Russell, starring Arnold... Last Action Hero is a 1993 American action-comedy-fantasy film directed and produced by John... 'Last Action Hero' Is A Bizarre Fever Dream. | | Gross: Emilia Clarke, If you haven't seen Predator, get to the choppa! So let’s rank his best (and worst) performances. Linda Hamilton, Director: But the longer the franchise continues, the worse it gets. Gabriel Byrne, Movie nerds can quibble about which truly is the best, but according to Rotten Tomatoes, the answer is unequivocal — Terminator 2 is tops. | George Clooney certainly deserves another go at the character. No doubt Batman & Robin was a big reason why. Danny (Austin O’Brien) is a young fan who inexplicably gets sucked into the world of the Slater flicks, setting the stage for a cheeky satire of action-movie tropes while, at the same time, being an action movie. | This one was very nearly ranked last. Mr. Parker! Released in 1984, The Terminator was a sci-fi/horror/action film hybrid that made Arnold's career. Granted, the Conan movies were pretty successful, but seriously, how many people do you hear praying to Crom, and how many people do you hear saying "I'll be back" in a bad Arnold accent? Good fun. Still a fun watch, and more satisfying than the remake in its own way. It’s trying too hard to be “well” loved. He has, however, fallen from his previous relevancy, with a few career missteps since his departure from politics. This is grimier and scarier than any of them and holds up magnificently. Rachel Ticotin, Votes: It very nearly killed the franchise. Kathryn Harrold, It’s a fun film. | Action, Adventure, Thriller. It lacked the depth that Milius’ excellent writing brought to the original. Honestly, if Arnold made this 20 years later, it might've worked, but its sloppy production values and a greener than grass performance from Arnie (yes, he's always been wooden, but he would become endearingly so) make this unwatchable. Total Recall earned an 82% Tomatometer score from critics and 78% from crowds. Max von Sydow, Stars: The 50 Highest Grossing '90s Movies, Ranked. Today in Matrix Glitches: Swizz Beatz Is First American to Win Saudi Camel Race, Amber Ruffin Is Done With People Pretending They Can’t Pronounce ‘Kamala Harris’, “Kamala is barely any different than Pamela, and there’s not a white person alive who doesn’t know a Pamela.”, A Concert Review! A fearless, globe-trotting, terrorist-battling secret agent has his life turned upside down when he discovers his wife might be having an affair with a used-car salesman while terrorists smuggle nuclear war heads into the United States. Created for Marvel Comics in 1973, Red Sonja is partially based on Conan creator Robert E. Howard's Red Sonya, a Conan spinoff that's set in the same fictional Hyborian Age of sorcery and warriors. Plus, his thick Austrian accent forced the filmmakers to dub all his dialogue, and the production company went broke, guaranteeing that just about nobody could see the dopey fantasy comedy in which he played the Roman demigod come down to Earth. | | Abigail Breslin, | David Ayer It’s not groundbreaking, it’s not offensive, its fine. (And it might still be: His latest, Terminator: Dark Fate, proves he’s refusing to hasta la vista, baby into that good night.). Most of his films around this period suffered because of the expectation for quotable Arnold puns. Jason Statham, During her transformation, her loving father stays by her side. As an actor, Schwarzenegger is far from nuanced, but the towering, monolithic bluntness of his best performances has its own kind of power. | Gross: Then “I’ll be back happened.” The first movie so simplistic in its execution and so mesmerizing in its mythology and action. If this came on cable right now, you would watch every single second of it. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams, | It's fascinating to see the mix of mental preparation and physical exhaustion these competitors endure (Arnold casually mentions vomiting and passing out after reps), as well as their personalities. Love him or hate him, Arnie is a cultural icon. Wilt Chamberlain, Votes: | For that, Arnold should be grateful, otherwise we might've never heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger ... or should we say "Arnold Strong," as he was billed in this D-level movie. Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. The casting of Schwarzenegger instantly makes this movie interesting. Fortunately, Arnie's old pal James Cameron came to the rescue, casually suggesting to designer Stan Winston that he always wanted to see a monster with mandibles. | Gross: 104 min A young boy, Conan, becomes a slave after his parents are killed and tribe destroyed by a savage warlord and sorcerer, Thulsa Doom. Already a subscriber? Admittedly, his dialogue was awful and leaned far too heavily on being ice-based puns. Red Heat is a 1988 American buddy cop action film directed by Walter Hill. But Schwarzenegger doesn’t really show up until the last quarter of the film, and by then, we’re so tired of the rest of the cast that it’s just a relief to see Arnold willing to act goofy. Until his enemy, Benedict escapes into the real world and tries to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger. Log in or link your magazine subscription, Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Performance, Ranked, The 50 Best Horror Movies on Netflix Right Now, David Fincher Confirms the ‘Very Expensive’. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City. This feels like it was written for Jim Carrey, or even Richard Dreyfuss, so it’s all the more ludicrous that Schwarzenegger took it on, even with Sinbad (Sinbad!) The action legend and former California governor’s films have earned more than $4 billion worldwide. If you're prepping your Arnold movie marathon, we've got his must-see movies, as well his pics you should skip. Steve Coogan, You’d get shit blowing up in every direction. Action, Comedy, Crime. The films that have made Arnie so iconic stand out against the usual studio cash grabs. Director: If it bleeds, you can kill it. But when it comes down to it, people are always going to remember him best as a time-traveling robot assassin sent back from the future to murder a waitress. 115 min So yeah, turns out that playing an emotionless robot was the perfect star vehicle Schwarzenegger. Enter one of his most famous films, Predator. Batman & Robin is terrible. It’s not just an embarrassment of a Batman film; it’s a straight-up cinematic travesty. | Freeze, bringing added commercial muscle to Joel Schumacher’s follow-up to the megasuccessful Batman Forever. Oh boy, what were you thinking, dude? Which isn’t always a good thing.

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