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23% believe they will use video streaming services like YouTube more in the post-pandemic world, compared to 14% of US users. While they may not be digital and mobile natives in the same way, those in these age brackets are no strangers to technology in their work or personal lives. Those aged 21-20 have the greatest number of apps on their devices, with 67 on average. Most-downloaded apps overall worldwide, 2019 (App Annie). Why do we use social media? Indeed, the greatest share of downloads for this app category came in Q1 2019, with 17.9% (Q2 2020 accounts for 17.1%). 3.5 App usage: during and after coronavirus, *all figures bar H1 2020 include Chinese third-party downloads as well as iOS App Store/Google Play Store, Source: Ericsson via Hootsuite/We Are Social. China peaks sooners than most, than goes to a lower level, while the UK and US don’t register increases until the second phase measured here (March 31-April 2), for instance. App Annie stats also show that much of the growth in finance app users has been generated from fintech apps. As with so many other app categories, coronavirus seems to have contributed to greater than expected growth. Error detail: Not allowed to set availableToOtherTenants in this api version for update. These users spend an average of 2 hours 53 minutes per day using social media according to this analysis. This gives us total global social media penetration of 51%, meaning we could actually find most people in the world somewhere on social media if these stats are accurate. We get a rare snapshot here of behaviour in some Eastern European economies beyond Russia also. With some 900 million smartphone users, 80% of whom use Android phones in China, this results in something of a skewing of true global results. This is a mere hint of the economic power held by the Chinese market. They also, we might note, account for the greatest share of app revenue too. With 71.5 billion downloads registered in H1 2020, we may well see levels of growth not seen for many years by the end of December. If we break it down by app store, we can see clearly that Google Play dominates the global app download landscape. This reflects the relatively relaxed lockdown in the country, as well as the continued prominence of traditional broadcast media. Microsoft climbs the ranking for the same reason. Only you can say definitively if a mobile app is right for your business. How sector incumbents react will be of some interest. That figure reflects the incredible breadth of the appeal of mobile games, no longer consigned to a gaming subculture, but engaged with on a nearly universal basis in the markets in question. For existing customers, all the necessary information is automatically stored, and customers can make a purchase in just a few clicks. These were unique users, not just downloads. Interestingly, despite being affected later than many nations, and not seeing the implementation of a nationwide lockdown, average mobile time increased over both quarters in Brazil. According to more data from app developers Simform, users tend to use a relatively small proportion of the apps they have installed on their devices. China and South Korea lead the way in both app categories. Towards the end of 2019, App Annie took a look back at the most-downloaded apps of the decade then coming to a close. Going back to Q1 2020, GlobalWebIndex stats referenced by Hootsuite/We Are Social indicate that 72% of internet users aged 16-64 used a smartphone to play games, with 19% using a tablet device. Certainly, the current state of the world would make it hard to make any sort of clear prediction on this front. In the two biggest Latin American markets of Brazil and Mexico, we saw 50% and 90% growth of in-app sessions respectively between April and June 2020. Routine Tasks, 13 tips that helped us improve a landing page conversions by 25%, The State Of Video Marketing – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]. Marketplace | News & Insights | Data | Events, Android estimated to claim a 74% market share, significantly larger share of app revenue, $200 million in the French company in 2018, 129 million times on the Play Store and iOS App Store, 300 million downloads by January 2020, with 75 million MAU, 2.73 billion lifetime downloads reported in 2017, downloads of shopping apps rose by 20% in 2019, 2.5 billion of whom will play on mobile devices, 3.91 billion of whom (99%) access social media using mobile devices, Excluding Chinese third-party app downloads, India was the leading market for app downloads in Q2 2020, with nearly 7 billion, followed by the US with around 3.75 billion, and Brazil with 3 billion (, Sensor Tower stats show WhatsApp was the most-downloaded app of 2019 (over 850 million downloads), followed by TikTok (~730 million), and Facebook Messenger (~810 million) (, App Annie stats show Facebook Messenger was the most downloaded app of 2019, followed by Facebook and WhatsApp; no figures are provided (, Sensor Tower stats show both Zoom and TikTok were downloaded over 300 million times in Q2 2020, a feat only matched by, TikTok the most downloaded app in Q2 2020 according to App Annie, while Zoom climbed 10 places to second, and Google Meet climbed by 117 positions to seventh (, Sensor Tower stats show 40 million US downloads for Zoom in Q2 2020, 25 million for TikTok, and 15 million for Facebook Messenger (, In Europe, Sensor Tower stats showed just under 60 million Zoom downloads to 50 million of TikTok and around 35 million of WhatsApp (, Facebook’s four top apps, led by Facebook itself, were the most-downloaded apps of the 2010s (, Facebook apps were downloaded close to 3 billion times between them in 2019, making it the top app publisher by downloads, according to Sensor Tower (, App Annie stats indicate Google was the top app publisher of 2019 (, In Q2 2020, Sensor Tower also identified Google as the top app publisher worldwide, with over 1 billion downloads in this three months alone (, Over 1 billion mobile games downloaded per week in Q2 2020 (, Games accounted for 40% of total app downloads in H1 2020, up from 37% in 2019 (, Casual games account for 82% of mobile games downloads (, 4 billion shopping apps downloaded in 2019 (, 20.3% of total ecommerce app and 18.7% of shopping app downloads that occurred between Q1 2019 and Q2 2020 occurred in the last quarter in this range (, 65% global upswing in medical app downloads in peak lockdown month (calculated by country) vs January 2020 (, 65% global upswing in education app downloads in peak lockdown month (calculated by country) vs January 2020 (, 24 billion downloads of finance apps in Q2 2020 (, Global average of 200 billion hours spent using apps on Android devices each month in Q2 2020 (, Total of 1.6 trillion hours spent using apps on Android devices over H1 2020 (, As lockdown was imposed in late March, collective global app usage time on Android devices came to nearly 70 billion hours per week, 25% above the weekly average for H2 2019 (, Between 2017 and 2019, average daily app usage time increased by 35% globally on Android devices to around 3 hours 40 minutes (, Hootsuite/We Are Social pegged average global app usage time at 3 hours 29 minutes in July 2020 (, The average global Android user spent 27% of waking hours on mobile in April 2020, up from 20% in 2019 (, 70% of global users from select markets reported increased smartphone usage in early July 2020 (, Gen Z app users spend 3.8 hours on average each month using each of the top 25 non-gaming apps, split between an average of 150 monthly sessions per app (, Users aged 21-30 have an average of 67 apps on their phone, of which they actually use 25 (, As of August 2020, Android devices account for 74% of global devices, to iOS’s 25% (, 72% of internet users aged 16-64 in select markets use a smartphone to play games (, There will be an estimated 2.5 billion mobile gamers by the end of 2020 (, Mobile games DAUs up by nearly 30% year-on-year in April (, Core games account for 55% of mobile game usage time, and casual for 44% (, 65% of people aged 13+ around the globe have a social media account (, Average daily time spend on social media stands at 2 hours 22 minutes (, 99% of internet users aged 16-64 in select markets use social media each month, with 88% actively participating (, Average user has 8.8 social media accounts (, 67% of users used a mobile shopping app in Q1 2020, with 52% purchasing a product via mobile (, Chinese users spent 4 billion hours with education apps in Q2 2020, compared to 400 million hours in second-placed India (, Finance apps used 1 trillion times on Android devices over 2019, with around 450 billion of these sessions coming from China (, Fintech digital wallet apps used six times per week on average globally in 2019, compared to five sessions for digital wallet apps from traditional banks (. The video-streaming mobile app is completely optimized for users on their smartphones or tablets, and is entirely intuitive with where to click and what to click on in order to make a selection. China’s rapidly increasing app download figures can be ascribed to both increasing digitalisation of everyday life in hyper-developed Tier 1 and 2 cities, combined with increased mobile penetration in lower tier cities and rural areas. As of Q2 2020, over three times more apps were downloaded through the Google Play Store than through the iOS App Store – 28.7 billion to 9.1 billion. For example you use some third party API and they made some changes in their API and mentioned that the old one won’t be working after this date. Looking at annual app download figures allows us to clearly map the overall slowdown in app download growth we’ve seen in recent years. But as the Q2 stats above show, we’re on a different trajectory altogether now. Whether these incredible download stats can be maintained depends how the app manages to weather the various storms of 2020. Nonetheless, with Alibaba, Tencent, and WeChat all offering payment solutions, finance apps are firmly established in this market. Looking further down this list of contexts in which users use apps, we see that they are rarely not using them. Here I cover five important elements that need to be included in order to ensure your mobile app has a shot at success. Marketplace apps also saw increased downloads during lockdown in Latin America, with a 35% increase between February and May 2020. Top apps in the US, Q2 2020 (Sensor Tower). The Indian market is influential, so if the ban continues, the effects are likely to be felt. App downloads by app store by quarter, Q1 2015 – Q2 2020, billions (Sensor Tower). Not only this, but we also need to check if the task (fetching process) was successful or not. Going back to the comparison between online vs bricks-and-clicks apps, AppsFlyer notes that in the US, retail brands saw a 55% higher share of buying users compared to online only businesses (June 2019 to June 2020). The dividing line of COVID-19, clearly put paid to that, with the annual increase coming close to 30% in April 2020. App Clips make it possible to create a unique experience for each restaurant through a single App Clip. Narrowing our focus to Q2 2020 once more, Sensor Tower stats show a similar hierarchy of countries when it comes to app download volume. Total app downloads by year, 2016 – 2019 (App Annie). The lockdown served to throw these app-facilitated activities into sharp relief. On what is this data used? Indonesia’s 70% growth in app downloads reflects an earlier, more rapid expansion phase in the world’s fourth-most populous country. This is interesting, as we may also see millions of users in this market transition from informal to formal banking through finance apps. The official tracking app may have accounted for a good portion of this. We find the same variety among podcasts, to which 42% of internet users listen. The latter consistently report the highest numbers across the board, reflecting its status as a white-hot growth market for app usage. However, this parameter doesn't drive the user consent experience for the general case. If the value is null, this parameter defaults to 1, which corresponds to the v1.0 endpoint. Of the latter, India leads the way in terms of both growth and volume. In the UK and US, both of which were slower to implement lockdown measures, significant increases were not seen until Q2 2020.

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