angel of mons

It wasn’t long before Machen was being asked for evidence of this event. Suddenly, although no one else seems able to see it, he is startled by an otherworldly apparition. But the Germans proved to be a far more dangerous foe than anticipated. “And as the soldier heard these voices he saw before him, beyond the trench, a long line of shapes, with a shining about them. If priests spent less time preaching “twopenny morality” instead of Christianity’s “eternal mysteries,” he wrote, believers might have been more scrupulous. Some blamed Machen’s writing for being too believable in its imitation of journalism or blamed the London Evening News for not adequately labeling the story as fiction. During the first World War he was injured twice. “….If I had failed in the art of letters, I had succeeded, unwittingly, in the art of deceit.” – Arthur Machen. From there, he and his men had a clear line of sight of the German advance in front and at the side where the German 17th Division was pressing hard on the flanks of the two Scottish regiments, the Gordons and the Scots. One cannot help but wonder how such a legend could have been accepted over the true events of the battle of Mons. As the war dragged on, the Angels of Mons myth served as the perfect propaganda tool to recruit troops and boost morale. The BEF would take up position in the town of Mons, Belgium to help prevent the German Army from flanking the French. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 02:09, 4 December 2011 (UTC) External links modified. With a cry of “St George for Merry England” the archers unleash a deadly assault on the German lines. Steadying himself, the soldier recites the prayer quietly before rising to fire on the enemy. Exactly two weeks before the publication of “The Bowmen,” Arthur Machen described a very different phantom army as “one of the most remarkable delusions that the world has ever harbored.” He was talking about the reports, all second- or thirdhand, of trains carrying Russian soldiers that had apparently been sighted from northern Scotland down to the southern coast. In 1918, British General Edmund Allenby actually named a clash against the Ottomans in Palestine “The Battle of Megiddo” to directly invoke the climactic battle of the book of Revelation. He responded that he was a Methodist but that he believed in the saints now because he’d just seen Saint George in person. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. While for some believers this is the long sought-after proof of the angels’ existence, it’s worth remaining skeptical of Charteris’ account. Despite Arthur Machen’s best efforts to prove that the events of this legend never occurred, it had ingrained itself into popular culture to such an extent that it was blindly believed to be a fact. The cross is located at exactly the point where a motley outfit of cooks, store men, drivers and delivery men, about 50 in all from the regiment, held up the German advance for 11 hours.

No one knows what happened — even the Germans, inspecting dead soldiers without a scratch on them, suspecting it must have been a new chemical weapon. For more than a century, the tale of the Angels of Mons has proven to be such an almost impossibly resilient legend that the BBC deemed it “the first ever Urban Myth.”.

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