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Birth Date: Gemeinsam mit einem jüngeren Bruder wuchs sie in San Francisco und Phoenix, Arizona auf. If you’re a fan of the pageant circuit you know that she was Miss America in 1955. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of the phenomenon that was the 1966 Batman television series. and the list goes on and on. Revisit Over 200 Beautiful Moments In American Culture ... 61 Groovy Photos That Captured More Than Expected, Imágenes Históricas Más Entretenidas De La Época Groovy, Rare Moments In Time Never To Be Forgotten. Her profile was raised significantly in 1966 when she returned to film in a role made famous on television. But Lee Meriwether is the cat’s meow in her own right — and ranks right up there with Batman’s greatest villains. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working with you.” He was so precious and really delightful to work with. I still keep my fan mail up to date. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. Fox News spoke with Meriwether about working with the late West, the health hazard she faced wearing her slinky costume and her relationship with fans today. She was attending school at San Francisco City College in 1954 when a fraternity entered her in the Miss San Francisco pageant. In the wrong hands this kind of role isn’t just campy it’s cringeworthy, but Meriwether wrings every bit of terror and pathos out of the role that she can find, turning “That Which Survives” into a must watch episode of television. She had just come off of a recurring guest role as Inspector Lewis Erskine’s girlfriend in The FBI. She had recurring roles in Mission: Impossible, The FBI, Time Tunnel, and even showed up on the Batman TV show as Lisa Carson for two episodes. She continued working on various projects related to Batman and is likely to pop up in film and television when you least expect her. The motion picture version of Batman began filming at the end of first season production. Three absolute geniuses who I watched all the time but, I learned the most from Burgess, Cesar and Frank!”. I admired his attack on the character. In ’98 Fickett was brought back to the role, but when she retired in 2000 Meriwether was cast in the role again and stayed on until the series ended in 2011. Ms. Meriwether’s career continued after the movie. Depending on what kind of TV you watched in the ‘60s and ‘70s you could know her from anything from Batman to Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, and Barnaby Jones. The costume was very tight. Where she was kidnapped by King Tut and held for ransom as she was the daughter of a rich Gotham City socialite. The only thing horrible that happened with the costume was when we were outside, we were under the sun and to have that glitter, glistening look, there were threads of metal in the material. I was gawky, gangly. Nor are her motives or origins. Lee Meriwether (born May 27, 1935) is an American actress who portrayed Catwoman in the 1966 movie. The incredible life of Lee Meriwether began in Los Angeles, California in 1935. It did help hold my stomach in which was great! The motion picture version of Batman began filming at the end of first season production. The role was played by Julie Newmar during seasons one and two, but after injuring herself during the filming of season one producers deciders to bring on another actress to fill the role while Newmar rehabbed her back. I just thought that was for babies. It was very exciting and stimulating for all of us. If you’re a fan of the pageant circuit you know that she was Miss America in 1955. Lee Meriwether And Cesar Romero was heaven. It was truly a joy. But I did get to kiss Adam West at the end of the show! Lee Meriwether wasn't worried about being compared to Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Absolutely heaven. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They didn’t know I was peeking at them *laughs* but it was really wonderful. Fox News: Looking back, how did you feel about pursuing the pageant world before Hollywood?Meriwether: That was sheer luck. He’s now the Dark Knight. I got goosebumps. Lee Ann Meriwether wurde als Tochter von Claudius Gregg Meriwether (1904–1954) und Ethel Eve Mulligan (1903–1996) geboren. Born: 27 May 1935 in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Legal Statement. The second series: The Jim Balent era (1993-2001), Gallery, Batman (1965-1966): Production photos. No problems at all! Before playing the role she was best known for being Miss America of 1955, the Batman Movie was really her first major on screen performance. Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog… An Accidental Sensation! I think putting one against the other isn’t fair to begin with. Click here. Julie Newmar was not available for the film, so 30-year-old Lee Meriwether was cast as the Feline Fatale. You’re going to read for Catwoman.” My first response was “What?! How do you feel about this honor?Lee Meriwether: It’s wonderful. Where do you know Lee Meriwether from? In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. or redistributed. Meriwether makes the role her own in the film, strutting through the role like she was born to be Catwoman, but she says that when she initially went in for the audition she was unsure about whether or not she would stand out from the rest of the actresses in the casting director’s waiting room. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Catwoman alias Selina Kyle ist eine von Batmans Hauptgegenspielerinnen. Lee Meriwether – movie promotion. Market data provided by Factset. She had a fairly normal childhood and by all accounts wasn’t planning on getting into acting. 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