albin counter gambit lasker trap

It is a good idea to use this opening in quick games since it is not very often played and your opponent most likely would be unprepared for it. So if you want to play a sharp game against d4 players then you should use this sound gambit. Let’s first clear what is a gambit in chess? All Rights Reserved, Fool’s Mate — How To Win At Chess In 2 Moves, Fabulous Hedgehog: A Must-Have System for Every Chess Player. gambit means you give up a pawn or two in return for quick development of your pieces. Lasker’s Trap can be very powerful weapon for Black in Albin Counter gambit variation. Here you will find Albin Counter Gambit Trap and another name for this trap is Lasker Trap. The unusual though very powerful feature of Lasker Trap is underpromotion on seventh move. This is a sharp gambit against d4.

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